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Island Hopping Tours & Excursions
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Island Hopping and Tours

Island Tours and Island Hopping

island tours Island tours and island hopping are one of the Philippines' top tourism attractions. During the past 30 years, Scotty's Action Sports Network has identified the best island tour destinations across different areas.

For your vacation, schedule a few island hopping packages and visit us here in the tropics. At every destination, the white sand welcomes guests ashore and the warm sea will invite visitors to go snorkeling while boating.

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Besides the Bohol island, Bohol province includes 75 islands and islets. From our tour centers on Panglao island, excursion packages take our guests across the seas to explore the most amazing snorkeling sites in the tropics during the holidays. This region, including Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef, Panglao island, Pamilacan island, and Balicasag island, puts the "diversity" in "biodiversity". In a short time, you can check swimming with sea turtles, drifting with whale sharks, and watching dolphins off your bucket list.

Mactan, Cebu has been Scotty's home for 30 years, so we know every tour destination that guests should visit for the holidays. Enjoy the best packages in the tropics as we sail the seas between and snorkel around as many of the 167 isles as you have time for! Attend one of the region's major festivals, go swimming with whalesharks, travel to far away places on our Rainbow Runner, and discover the underwater world from the comfort of our glass bottom boat.

An Olango tour offers the greatest birdwatching opportunities. You can also snorkel in the surrounding warm ocean waters during the holidays and explore a fish nursery, a fish sanctuary, and a wooden wreckage. Look down through the mask at Tingo Point to maybe see thresher sharks. Photograph picturesque tropical islets, such as Nalusuan Islet, on your vacation with an island hopping package.

Boracay in the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines. Put together a package including some of the best tropical island hopping destinations anywhere, and visit us while on vacation. Go cliff jumping from 15-meter platforms, learn about Panay's rich history, watch thousands of bats blacken the sky, dine on rare coconut crabs, go spelunking in coves that have crystal protrusions, and discover the underwater world in a Yellow Submarine.

What to visit? Island Tour Destinations and Packages

List of island tours, island hopping and boat rental possibilities depending your location in the Philippines.

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Bohol island hopping tour and boat rental | Pangalo Island tour and boat rental | Alona Beach island tour | Balicasag Island hopping tour and boat rental | Bohol island tour and Dolphin Watching | Cambuhat River Adventures | Cambuhat River tour and boat rental | Loboc River Tour | Cervera Shoal Snorkeling and boat rental | Gakang island hopping | Pamilacan Island Boating tour | Sunset Cruise Bohol and Panglao | Virgin Island hopping and tour | Boracay island hopping and Boat tour | Boracay island Sun and Fun Adventures | Boracay Snorkeling tour | Boracay island hopping tour and boat rental | Angol Point snorkeling in Boracay | Bat Cave Boracay boat rental | Puka Shell Beach Boracay | Buruanga, Aklan island hopping tour | Caluya island tour | Carabao island and boat rental | Crocodile island boat rental | Crystal Cove island hopping and boat rental | Laurel Island hopping and tour | Magic Island hopping and tour | Maniguin Island Tour boat rental | Panay Island hopping and tour | Sibay Island Boracay boat rental | Sunset Cruise Boracay | Submarine underwater tour | Mactan Tour and boat rental | Olango Bird Sanctuary | Olango Island Boating Tour | Santa Rosa, Olango Island | Talima Snorkeling Sanctuary | Tingo Cruising Olango Island | Stilt Restaurant Seafood Lunch | Caubian island hopping | Caw-oy island hopping | Cebu tour and boat rental | Cabilao island hopping and boat rental | Cabulan island boat rental | Caohagan Island tour and boat rental | Camotes islands hopping and boat rental | Capitancillo island boat rental | Cuatros islas boat rental | Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef | Middle Pass boat rental | North East Pass boating tour | Gilutongan island hopping tour | Hilutungan island hopping | Kalanggaman Island boat rental | Nalusuan Island hopping tour | Pandanon island boating tour | Panganan Island hopping and tour (Pangan-an) | Sunset Cruise Cebu, Mactan | island hopping tour and boat rental | Island Hopping Cebu, Bohol and Boracay | Island Tour and boat rentals | Island Tours Rates | Island Boating Tour and Snorkeling | Glass Bottom boat tour | Boat rental and Boat tours | Game fish boat rental, sport fishing | Dolphin Watching | More Tours and Packages | Morning island hopping and tour | Bangka Boat Rental, Banca Island Hopping | Sightseeing tours and boating | Sun And Fun Island Adventure | Sunset Cruise near you | Sumilon Island hopping and tour | Whalesharks Watching |

Bohol Island Tours

Bohol Island Bohol province is best known for Tarsiers (the world's tiniest primate) and the Chocolate Hills (unusual brown rounded hills). But, it also has 75 surrounding islands, 1,400 caves, beaches, waterfalls, human-made structures, and other tourist attractions to explore.

Boracay Island Tours

Boracay Island Boracay Island is the top tourist destination in the Philippines for a reason. Foreigners and Filipinos alike come from far to experience everything this paradise has to offer.

Cebu Tours

Cebu Island Cebu Province attracts one-third of Philippines' tourism with its 167 islands, varied landscapes, historic sites, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and coral reefs. If you want to learn about Filipino culture, be sure to attend at least one of the 40 major annual festivals.

Mactan Island Tours

Mactan Island Mactan Island is home to our Scotty's Action Sports Network headquarters and that decision was not made randomly! Mactan Island is not only the home of the best tours all around with a consistantly nice weather, but it's also minutes away by boat from the double barrier reef. Check out our tours around Mactan.

Isles' Stilt Restaurant

Stilt Restaurant Seafood stilt restaurant during your island tour

Olango Island Tours

Olango Island Olango Island offers more than just epic birdwatching opportunities. Olango is surrounded by many islets and isles, which also have several good snorkeling points with a fishes nursery, a fish sanctuary, white sand beaches and more.

Panay Island Tours

Panay Island Panay Island has an unusually rich history. The beauty of its land and seas often conceals stories of archaeological and anthropological value.

Panglao Island Tours

Panglao Island Panglao Island can best be described as nine white sand beaches connected by plains, hills, and mountains. The marine biodiversity in its surrounding waters is outstanding.

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise Sunset cruise: Wherever in Bohol, Boracay, or Cebu province, Scotty's Tours offers a range of sunset cruises and packages to not miss during your holidays.

Sportfishing and Game Fish

Sportfishing and Game fish We have different types of Game Fish and Sportfishing activities. If you'd like to catch a big fish we recommend our Deep Sea Fishing tour. Or, if you'd like to catch small fishes or train your children to fish while relaxing and touring some isles, we do it all and everything in between.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Glass Bottom Boat A glass bottom boat is a boat where the bottom has windows which allow you to see fishes and corals thru the hull. Discover the marine life, take pictures of colorful fishes and tropical corals while you're dry and safe on our glass-bottom boat.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching Dolphin watching are very popular in the Philippines because dolphins prefer warm waters. We have many types of dolphins watching tours. From Mactan in Cebu to Panglao in Bohol, dolphins watching is a must to not miss tourist attraction.

Whale Shark Snorkeling

Whale Shark Snorkeling Wherever you go, the sizes and weights of the whale sharks are commonly exaggerated. Nonetheless, these animals are massive. See for yourself! You will remember having swam with whale sharks for the rest of your life.

Boat and Yacht Rental

Boat and Yacht Rental From speedboat, to superyacht, our boat fleet is one of the largest in the Philippines (aside from shipping line), insuring maximum flexibility to customers service. You can rent many type and categories of boat from few hours to few days.

Bangka Boats Tour

Bangka Boats Tour A bangka boat is a picturesque, locally made boat with outriggers and very popular for island hopping and tours. From a paraw sailing boat to big spacious bangkas, you will find your needs with us.

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