Island tour and island hopping on our luxury local Bangka boat.

Discover the uniqueness of the local fishermen's bangka boats during your tour.

Our Philippines' local bangka boat is extremly stable: No sea sickness, just try it!

Island hopping and tours on a bangka boat: Discover the 7107 islands of the Philippines.

Island hopping and tours with Philippines' local bangka.

island tour bangka-boat One of the local transportation in the Philippines is the bangka, also known as "banca" or "pumped boat" depending the region.

Bangka’s are usually paddle driven and mostly used by the locals for fishing within shallow waters.

Bangka boats also have two bamboo or wooden outriggers to support on rough and wild seas because of lacking in stability. The outriggers are tightened well to support its body as well as its passengers.

Bangka are also used for island hopping tours which are installed with inboard engines.

Depending on the size, it can carry multiple numbers of people and can travel fast on calm waters and can withstand on gushing waves.

You will surely enjoy your island hopping tour as you will feel the salty breeze of the sea as you sail along the open waters and be amazed on the view of the horizon.

Island tours and packages with our bangka local boat.

local bangka boat island tour departure You can also take local bangka for deep sea fishing as it is best for having open body and relaxing sitting spots with wooden roofs for shade and the cool breeze of the sea.

Just bring things you need as the big bangka boats can be quite spacious.
On a smaller one, it has limited space only.

Snorkeling is one of the best activities that you and your friends can do during your bangka island hopping tour since it is easy to submerge and get back into the bangka if you want to take some rest from snorkeling or scuba diving.

Bangka are best choice for island hopping tours since it can travel even on waters with an exceptional roll stability to avoid sea sickness, and visit exclusive marine sanctuaries.

Island hopping tour in a local bangka boat will surely give you a new experience in your holiday or vacation trip and it will be a memorable one.

Sun and fun island adventure
Dont miss our white sand beaches in sun and fun island adventures.

Destination tours with our Philippines' local bangka boat.

Philippines luxury bangka boat You can rent our luxury bankga boat (up to 20 persons) for:

  • Few hours only, like a sunset cruise.
  • Half day, morning or afternoon.
  • All the day, to visit 2 or 3 islands and finish your day trip with the sunset.
  • Few days: For example a SCUBA diving safari.

Mactan and Cebu.

  • Nalusuan island bangka boat tour.
  • Pandanon island banca boat tour.
  • Stilt restaurant Olango bangka boat tour.
  • Bird watching Olango banca boat tour.
  • Talima, Maribago bangka boat tour.
  • Hilutungan banca boat tour.
  • Moalboal bangka boat tour.
  • Camotes bangka boat tour.
  • Oslob bangka boat tour.
  • Sumilon bangka boat tour.


  • Quatro Islas bangka boat tour.

Bohol and Panglao islands.

  • Danajon reef bangka boat tour.
  • Cabilao bangka boat tour.
  • Balicasag bangka boat tour.
  • Virgin island bangka boat tour.
  • Cambuhat and Loboc river bangka boat tour.
  • Pamilican island bangka boat tour.


  • Puka beach bangka boat tour.
  • Crystal Cove bangka boat tour.
  • Crocodile island bangka boat tour.
  • Angol point bangka boat tour.
  • Bat cave bangka boat tour.

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