All SCUBA diving courses from PADI, SSI, RAID and GUE.

Beginners: Try and discover SCUBA diving at Scotty's dive center.

Want to improve your diving skill? Take a look at our specialty courses.

Experienced SCUBA diver: Go tec to go deeper and stay longer.

You love to dive? Become a professional SCUBA diver.

SCUBA diving courses in one of Scotty's dive centers.

SCUBA diving courses in one of the Scotty's dive centers Nothing deepens the fun than scuba diving! Dive into a marvelous galaxy of underwater world experience here in the Philippines with your friends and family! Plunged in into the wonders beneath the borders of your vast imagination and get drowned by the fun and memories you will have with one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime!

    “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean.” - Dave Barry

Scotty’s dive center will never fail in your scuba diving experience as we provide varities of high-quality dive courses for the last 30 years and you can’t go wrong with our team of experts who will open you up in underwater diving experience.

Bring over your family and friends, even your young ones, can enjoy this magical experience in scuba diving as we will cater your diving training with our most trusted and experts in the underwater field. Expect a 5-star service that you deserve and ten times the fun as you will be diving in to the deeps within just half a day.

Try and discover SCUBA diving for beginners.

Ready to dive into a marvelous world of wonders and cherish these memories forever as Scotty’s action sports network offers great deals of your SCUBA diving adventures not just for you but to your friends and family, even the young ones!

All SCUBA diving courses and specialities.

Get certified and be part of the family and take your diving experience anywhere and into a new level! Have a great time in learning as you are guided by a team of experts from SCUBA school international (SSI) and from professional association of diving instructors (PADI).

Closed circuit rebreather (CCR) courses.

Want to explore the greatness of the underwater world? Get your closed circuit rebreather (CCR) courses and get to dive in any aquatic world and discover its wonders. Be a certified closed circuit rebreather (CCR) courses taking 5 academic lessons, 5 pool sessions and 4 ocean dives in this 4 days program

Technical SCUBA diving courses.

Get the opportunity of a lifetime to experience new dive sites beyond your typical diving zone. With our technical SCUBA diving courses, Scotty’s action sports network offers great array of tec diving courses for those you would like to dive beyond and explore great depths of untouched marine sanctuaries, mysterious caves or amazing wrecks that are hidden away from the recreational divers.

Skin diver and free-dive courses.

Explore the underwater world free from scuba diving gears and equipment and swim effortlessly like you are born to live under the waves of the ocean on freediving. Experience the peaceful serenade of the ocean and embrace the relaxation and the fascinating pleasure of the underwater world.

Our Divemaster course.

Our goal is to train you to become an operational Dive Master. You will learn how to excel as a dive professional, demonstrating proficiency in all aspects of recreational scuba. As a dive master trainee, you will assist our instructors on courses ranging from try scuba, open water diver, up to assisting your fellow DMT’s (Dive Master Trainer).

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