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Island Hopping Tours & Excursions
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Island hopping and boating

Island hopping and island tours and sunset cruise.

island hopping You can't go wrong with our Island Hopping as we have many island hopping destinations and island tours for you and your family to enjoy.

From few hours to a whole full day and coming back during the sunset, we have an extensive list of island hopping and tours.
Wherever you are in Bohol and Panglao, Boracay or Cebu and Mactan, you can do a romantic cruise or a fun island hopping with one of our boats from our fleet.

From a modern catamaran sailing boat to a luxurious yacht and a comfortable local bangka boat with outrigger, we can organize your best island hopping tour during your vacation and holidays.

Eating, drinking, jumping in the sea from the boat or snorkeling around the boat during your island hopping is certainly a must to do for the kids and children as they will enjoy the warm waters of a tropical sea.

Morning island hopping tour.

Rise up early as you will go on a morning island hopping tour and snorkel underwater with your family and friends. Enjoy the beauty of the marine sanctuary beneath your boat on your island tour while snorkeling as the sun rises up to the sky.

Island hopping tour.

Explore the breathtaking underwater world of the marine sanctuary around many islands, in your island tour snorkeling adventure. Experience the masterpiece of mother nature, as this tropical reef will impress you as you snorkel on your island hopping tour.

Sun and fun island hopping

Sun and fun island hopping adventures.

Take your island hopping Tour snorkeling in the colorful marine sanctuary of Nalusuan island and enjoy your beach activities as your island hopping tour takes a stop at the white sand beach Pandanon Island. Take your beach sun and fun activities or spend the rest of the time relaxing on its white coral sand.

Seafood stilt restaurant hopping tour

Seafood stilt restaurant hopping tour.

Experience a unique seafood dining experience freshly served at Stilt Seafood Restaurant within the North Eastern side of Olango Island. Enjoy the magnificient view of the sea and the sky as the restaurant built over the water on stilts.

Sightseeing hopping tour

Sightseeing hopping tours.

Island hopping Sightseeing Tour is one of our most recommended as you will get to enjoy the tour with our local banca and sailboats. Enjoy the view as you go sightseeing on spectacular locations and its amazing features that will surely mesmerize you through out the island hopping tour.

Island hopping sunset cruise tours

Island hopping sunset cruise tours.

As the day goes down, enjoy the fascinating sightseeing island hopping tour on island Sunset cruise within along the local tropical waters and the warm breeze. Sail around on an open water as the sun sets and the night rises.

SCUBA diving vacation
Choose one of our packages with best accomodations for your SCUBA diving vacations.
Cambuhat river tour

Cambuhat river tour.

Travel on a culture-filled island tour, swim and snorkel while having fun in the sand bar of Bohol as you tour on Cambuhat River Adventure. Taste the delicious and freshly farmed oysters and its local delicacies as you cruise on the river or enjoy kayaking with your friends and family.

Bohol snorkeling tour and dolphin watching

Bohol snorkeling tour and dolphin watching.

Keep memories of wonderful marine sanctuaries as you take Bohol Snorkeling Adventure. Relax on your island hopping tour as you will also get to do Dolphin Watching in the tropical waters of Bohol.

Boracay island hopping tour and snorkeling

Boracay island hopping tour and snorkeling.

Boracay is not just its white sand beaches and the night party that you could enjoy. Take on island hopping and snorkel to its beautiful marine sanctuaries that you surely dont wanna miss.

Boracay island sun and fun tour

Boracay island sun and fun tour.

Sail away to the beautiful sceneries of the islands of Boracay and play under the sun on Boracay island Sun and Fun Adventure. Take island hopping tour and then take your beach activities on its white sand beaches.

Boracay island sightseeing tour

Boracay island sightseeing tour.

Island tours on tropical waters of Boracay islands are one of the best time that visitors shouldnt miss as we will take you to places with its magnificient views and amazing tourist spots.

Boracay island boat tour

Boracay island boat tour.

Indulge yourself of the marvelous culture of the Islands of Boracay as you take your boat Tour and venture to its amazing sites and fill your heart with great memories of your island hopping tour.

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Boracay Island Boat Tours
Boracay Island Boat Tours
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