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Scuba diving holiday and vacation in the Philippines

Scuba diving vacation Wherever your scuba diving vacation will bring you in the Philippines, we will care about your diving holiday for you to dive at the best diving places and diving sites.

Scotty's Action Sports Network has its dive centers in Boracay, Bohol, Panglao, as well as in Mactan a Cebu region.

All our dive centers and dive shops are five-star service, which means:

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  • We can pick you up at your hotel if you are not in the hotel where one of our dive centers is settled.

  • Our guests do not pay any fees to dive in a marine sanctuary!

  • Towels to dry you up after a dive and/or a shower are free.

  • Free drinking water is always provided.

  • Our regular scheduled dive boats are included in the diving price.

  • The best possible attention with a ratio of one professional diver or dive guide for four guests maximum, although we usually maintain this rate at 1 to 3 divers maximum.

  • And so much more.

If your diving vacation brings you to Boracay, Bohol or Cebu, Scotty's Dive Center has a large choice of dive sites in each of these locations, as well as a selection of dive safaris for each and near of these diving places.

Scuba diving holiday and vacation in Boracay.

Coming to this tropical paradise, which is considered as one of the best tropical islands in the world, is certainly the best travel destination of your life.

Right in the middle of the Philippines, and less than an hour from Manila, Boracay is a small island home to many natural beaches with a popular nightlife, and certainly have of the best watersports in South East Asia. A famous travel magazine names the Boracay Island as one of the best in the world for holidays and scuba vacations.

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Between May and October, many hotels and tour operators have greatly discounted prices as it is low season, which is the best time for your diving vacation.

The main attractions of Boracay are its 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) of white sand beach, the numerous scuba diving sites and the different watersports.

This is where your scuba diving vacation will start, and if your family is not diving, they will love the safe shallow water of the White Beach while you are diving.

For your scuba diving vacation, you can reach Boracay from Manila with many regular flights per day to Caticlan airport; then a 10 minutes ferry will drive you to paradise.

Scuba diving sites of Boracay.

Scuba diving holiday and vacation in Bohol and Panglao.

Your scuba vacations in Bohol will be one of the best you will ever have, and its memories will last as long as a lifetime.

Bohol and Panglao Islands are well known for the Chocolate Hills, the most little primate in the world called Tarsier, and all the scuba diving sites around Panglao and Bohol.

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Having your diving vacation in Bohol or Panglao is a must to do once a life! But if you are worried about your family, have no worries as they will enjoy visiting the Chocolate Hills, pet the Tarsier or swim in the clear tropical waters of Bohol. Your family can also visit the surrounding islands like the submerged market at the Virgin Island.

So overall your vacation in Bohol will be memorable, not only for you but also for all your family!

Scuba diving sites of Bohol and Panglao.

Scuba diving holiday and vacation in Cebu and Mactan.

Having your vacation in Cebu and Mactan is certainly the best way to discover the Philippines as it is a remarkable travel destination where history is buffed with leisure seekers.

Your diving holiday will be the most noticeable in your life, and if your family does not dive, they might enjoy even more than you as they will do many water sports or visit the old Spanish style architecture in town, enjoy the different white beaches or snorkeling during an island excursion nearby.

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Around Cebu and Mactan islands there are countless dive sites and diving places, so much that we even have some dive safaris for a full day diving on different spots without the need to come back to our dive center in Mactan. Your expectations about your diving vacation in Mactan and Cebu will meet your hope, and even much more.

The Mactan's Airport (Cebu) is an international airport, which means direct flights from Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo and much more, are landing here without the need to pass by Manila.

Mactan and Cebu are a well-developed tourism industry for the luxury seekers and those looking for the more genuine or historical part of Cebu.

There are many beaches all around the Cebu province, although the most popular ones are on Mactan Island.
Your diving vacation will be at best with the crystal clear tropical waters surrounding Mactan and Cebu.

All the scuba diving sites of Mactan and Cebu.

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