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More Island Tour Destination and Packages

Travel destination: Nalusuan island marine sanctuary snorkeling tour.

Nalusuan island marine sanctuary Take our morning snorkeling adventure and dive into the wonders of underwater garden of Nalusuan island and be mesmerized by the vibrant colors of their marine sanctuary and mingle with the underwater residents of the area. As the sun rises, snorkeling the colors underneath will shine and it will feels like you are looking through a colorful kaleidoscope. Nalusuan island is perfect for a family outing.

You will embark on a journey on our bangka through large man-made salt water pool that many local marine lifes are residing which is not to be missed. With our snorkeling equipments, you could immerse yourself with the vast colors of the tropical reef sits depth of about 2 meters and the school of fishes will welcome you with kisses.

Nalusuan island is one of the islands of Olango island group, where it is situated between the province of Bohol and Mactan island and it’s one of the best man-made relaxation island to stay. Don’t miss this magical sanctuary that will surely bring colors to your snorkeling adventure.

The shallow water level wont be a problem that much since the marince sanctuary is filled with marine life and as you go down with your snorkeler in Nalusuan island snorkeling package. You will be able to see beautiful corals, tropical firshes and you might be able to encounter stingrays and turtles.

Our Nalusuan island package is popular for island hopping tours who would like to enjoy great snorkeling and order beach activities. You can also swim in the wide sandbar or relax under the sun and you could have barbecue for lunch.

Travel destination: Pandanon island snorkeling tour.

Pandanon island snorkeling tour White sand beach and a turquoise blanket of ocean stretching throughout the horizon will welcome you from your island hopping tour as you step into Pandanon island from our banca. Situated in between Mactan and Bohol and a wide view of the horizon of the blue sky and the its waters will surely leave you crying of happiness as you will be kissing this spectacular island of tropical reality.

Induldge yourself in a barbeque lunch, relax and get tanned, or do any beach activities as you roam throughout the sandbars. Lay around on the cool waters of the white coral sand and it will wash away your stress and worries of your life. Not to be missed!

Pandanon Island is located northern part of Bohol and this island gained popularity of its natural white sand that extends to the sea. One of the best travel destinations for family oriented gathering and as a tourist destination.

Beach outing with your family and friends and you will surely enjoy playing in the white sand beach while basking under the sun. Comforting and pleasurable, it is a place where you want to have a good time and relax with your love ones. Not to be missed!

Travel destination: seafood stilt restaurant.

Seafood stilt restaurant Take your lunch into a unique dining experience at the stilt seafood restaurant which is on the north eastern side of Olango island resting on wooden stilts. A not-to-be-missed tourist spot as the place is spacious and incredibly relaxing and its wonderful view of the island and Olango channel will surely eats up your time while waiting for your meal to be served.

In seafood stilt restaurant package, you can pick your desired seafood ranging from shells, fish, squids, shrimps, lobsters and many more.

Dug in on your seafood feast in this unique travel destination as you enjoy your island hopping tour with your friends and family. Be the master chef of the stilt restaurant, as you will get to pick your fresh main ingredient and you could decide on how you want them prepared - grilled, fried, steamed, boiled, or what comes up to your mind. And then let the feast begins!

Boracay island tour and snorkeling.

Boracay island tour and snorkeling Dive into the beauty of Boracay with its white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters and breathtaking view for snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Never miss to go on SCUBA diving in Crocodile island marine sanctuary. This island got its name where it looks like a crocodile from a distant and its enormous marine life which takes your diving expedition to a new level.

Wide variety of corals along with the wide diversity of fish that illuminates all sorts of color never fails to magnetize tourists as they snorkel or scuba dive here. A worth stop on our banca which will provide you a truly astonishing and worth keeping snorkeling and SCUBA diving experience on a mesmerizing beauty of Crocodile island. The deeper you go, you will enter a new magnificient experience as the current will drift you away and it will feels like you are flying underwater.

A unique white beach experience falls on Puka Beach which offers you relaxation, magneficient view, and you can have picnics here. Just be sure to clean up before leaving. Good for family outing and best for taking on a seafood feast presented in one of the small local style huts on the beach.

Snorkeling in Boracay Angol Point is one of the best snorkeling and scuba dive sites of the country and can be a stepping stone for those aspiring scuba divers, perfect for beginner scuba divers and snorkelers as it offers you magnificient marine sanctuary and wide varieties of corals and other marine life beneath its floor. Its also perfect for underwater photography and night dives.

We can also take you on a boat island hopping tour of the wonders of Boracay and its tropical islands as you indulge yourself on the beauty of the culture of the islands as we pass by Crystal Cove and Crocodile islands.

So while in the island paradise of Boracay, make sure to keep a memory on these unique tourist spots as it will never fail to amaze you.

Balicasag island tour and snorkeling package.

Balicasag island tour and snorkeling Tour into one of the beautiful world under the waves of Bohol as you go on island hopping, exploring islands, basking under the tropical sun, snorkeling and dont miss dolphin watching here in Balicasag island tour. Enjoy your tour as you go over the island, you will be able to see dolphins jumping around and sometimes they will swim near your boat to greet you.

Snorkeling will let you explore colorful world underwater and scuba divers will get to enjoy the rich marine life and its marine residents will greet you as you dive into this amazing aquatic wildlife. You will also get to experience the underwater currents as this adventure snorkeling and SCUBA diving site has strong currents.

So get on a boat now and take our Balicasag island tour package and you will surely enjoy snorkelilng and experience a diversified species of vibrant corals, school of fishes and friendly turtles. You and your family will surely enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in Balicasag island so never miss this island on your island hopping tour and you wont surely regret it.

Helmet diving underwater seawalker
The old way of diving underwater. Helmet diving (no certification or course needed)

Virgin island tour and snorkeling packages.

Virigin island tours Island hopping and snorkeling adventure tour in Virgin island is one of the not-to-be-missed activity in Bohol as it offers more than just its white sandbar beach and beautiful view but also colorful marine sanctuary and its tropical paradise.

For its crystal clear waters and peaceful sceneries and its white sandbar will surely take your stress away. You can relax in here or do your fun and exciting beach activities as the tide is low or just lie down on the white sand bar under the roaring sun.

Virgin island will offer you a new travel destination as the island will become a floating market if the tide is high. You will see several boats and fishermen will offer you freshly caught seafoods for you to try. If the tide is low, you will have the chance to enjoy basking under the sun and work your muscles for your beach sun and fun activities.

Dreamed of a vacation with crystal blue waters, white sand and a good snorkeling spot filled with beautiful coral reefs? We will make it a reality in our Virgin island tour package. Feel the luxury of owning your own little island filled with white sandbar and its beautiful waters matching its great scenery stretching throughout the horizon in this amazing travel destination.

Cambuhat and Loboc river tour package.

Cambuhat and Loboc river tour. A spectacular adventure awaits you as you travel your way to a culture-filled tour, snorkeling at a sandbar, enjoy your river cruise and canoe exploration and savor the delectable and sumptuous meal of oyster and other local delicacies.

An adventure that bring you closer to its culture as you will get to experience the life of a local within the Cambuhat and Loboc river. Make your own buko juice drinks, harvesting the tastiest oyster at their oyster farm, race with the native canoe through the upriver branches, meet the mythical “Inagta Sano”, learn their cultural dance and loom weaving, and get to visit local villages along the river.

Enjoy kayaking or snorkel your way down with your peers on Panga Island, or have your peaceful walk in the mangrove swamp.

Cambuhat and Loboc river village tour package is now the pride of Boholanos specially of the municipality of Buenavista for its abundant natural beauty and a wide, calm river in lined with natures creation such as mangroves and nipa palms.

Make your new travel destination on a greener side. Nothing beats a relaxing river tour on a sunny day trip in Cambuhat and Loboc river island tour package.

Travel destination: Whale shark diving and watching in Oslob, Cebu.

Whale shark diving and watching Put a check mark on your bucket list as your dream swimming alongside with the largest fish in the sea can be experienced just within Cebu! Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers you the chance of a life time to experience the whale shark watching and diving in Oslob, Cebu. These gentle giants comes closer than ever before and we never fail to let you experience this wonderful sight seeing tour or be brave to dive with them.

Submerge in this breathtaking but exciting experience as these huge but safe animals go as they swim by a few meters from you.

Remember to keep a respectful distance from the gentle giants, resisting the urge to touch them or to use flash photography.

Whale shark watching in Oslob is one of the bucket list to try for you travel destination in the Philippines. For it offers reasonable price and an amazing experience of a lifetime to swim with the gentle giants.

More About Whale shark diving

Sumilon island snorkeling tour package.

Sumilon island snorkeling tour One of the known marine sanctuary of its gorgeous corals and abundant marine life. A paradise for scuba divers as it offers more than just crystal clear waters and its seafloors but you get dive with school of fishes, black tip sharks, rays or octopus and even Whale Sharks.

Aside from its amazing marine sanctuary, Sumilon island is also stationed with a light house and a beautiful beach front dive site where it holds great currents that will take you far out in the ocean.

Enjoy the view around this tropical island and there are number of activities you can do in Sumilon island. Be amaze by the beauty of marine sanctuaries in snorkeling, enjoy kayaking with your friends and family in the famous lagoon filled with natures best, rest on glamorous tents outdoor, dine by the seaside and feel the fresh breeze, and play with your kids and kids at heart on its white sand bar.

A must see travel destination in the Philippines for its white sandbar and beaches, the blue cool waters, the amazing lagoon, the famous lighthouse and its breathtaking marine sanctuaries. So dont forget to put this on your bucket list as you dont want to miss these exciting activities in our Sumilon island snorkeling package.

Travel destination: Bird watching in Olango island.

Bird watching in Olango island Olango island wildlife sanctuary offers you to witness hundreds and thousands of birds coming from different countries to migrate during their winter season. It is also one of the four RAMSAR sites or the Wetlands of International Importance here in the Philippines.

This sanctuary is one of the coastal habitats of thousands of migratory birds from Siberia, Northern China and Japan and they usually visit the sanctuary during the months of July to November.

So take your cameras with you and capture this haven for refuge birds from the winter climate of their country and a perfect place for bird watching.

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