The best scuba diving spots and diving destination in the Philippines.

You dream to dive with whalesharks? Stop to dream and dive with us!

You are an underwater photographer? we will show you the best diving places.

Your SCUBA diving holidays at Scotty's action sport network dive centers.

SCUBA diving holidays at Scotty's dive center Nothing deepens the fun than scuba diving! Dive into a marvelous galaxy of underwater world experience here in the Philippines with your friends and family! Plunged in into the wonders beneath the borders of your vast imagination and get drowned by the fun and memories you will have with one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime!

    “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean.” - Dave Barry

Just within minutes from your arrival at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, your vacation on a 5-star resort in Mactan is a bliss but diving with us on Scotty’s will truly take you to paradise. Bring over your family and friends, even your young ones, can enjoy this magical experience in scuba diving as we will cater your diving training with our most trusted and experts in the underwater field. Expect a 5-star service that you deserve and ten times the fun as you will be diving in to the deeps within just half a day.

Scotty’s dive center will never fail in your scuba diving experience as we provide varities of high-quality dive courses for the last 30 years and you can’t go wrong with our team of experts who will open you up in underwater diving experience.

SCUBA diving with Scotty's dive center.

SCUBA diving destination with Scotty's dive center Don’t let your young ones miss out this experience for we have SCUBA diving programs for your kids and kids at heart. Children diving program will best suit for your kids even younger than 10 years old.

Want to dive now but don’t know how? Within just half a day, you can try scuba diving with your peers and dive in the fun.

Want to go deeper and uncover more of your scuba diving desires? Get your diving certificate with our supervised diver course within just a day and a half.

Take your scuba diving experience to the next level and be part of millions of divers take the life-long diving certificate as an open water diver and journey to the deeps of the ocean anywhere in the world.

Sharpen further your diving skills and gather more knowledge on any diving situations by taking the advance diver course and make the ocean your playground.

Bring over your hobbies and interest as we have the divers specialties course for you to take your photography skills to the next level, discover ship wrecks and its treasures below, lurk under the nocturnals of the sea at night.

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Improve your SCUBA diving skills at Scotty's dive center.

SCUBA diving destination with Scotty's dive center Enhance your time underwater and explore more of the depths of the ocean. Take your enriched air nitrox (eanx) course and learn the skills and procedures for diving with nitrox and take your diving experience deeper.

Better safe than sorry. Equipped yourself with the knowledge and techniques of taking care of yourself and others in responding to life-like diving emergencies. Take the rescue diver course to prepare yourself for the unexpected as you dive deep into the mysteries of the ocean.

Can’t get enough of diving? Why not take the master scuba diver challenge and be recognized as one of the best among the rest.

Ready to dive in? Pack your things and contact us right away and swim your worries goodbye as we will take care of your underwater adventure.

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