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Have fun with the PADI Drift Diver course.

Learn how to Drift properly and have fun.

Learn to dive with the underwater currents.

The PADI Drift Diver course teaches proper and safe drifting.

The Drift Diver course Drift diving is certainly one of the most exiting and exhilaring things to do underwater.

If you never glide on the air or are scare about hights, you can still glide underwater using currents and tides.

Drifting underwater is like flying, but you are underwater and see the ground passing fast under you as you are diving with the flow.

With the PADI Drift Diver course, you will learn how to master currents and tide to use them for your own fun.

So ride with the waves and currents underwater and glide freely in this exhilarating adventure during this course.

Where to learn the PADI Drift Diver?

You can learn the PADI Drift Diver in any of our dive shop in the Philippines.
Wherever in Cebu and Mactan, as well as in Boracay, Bohol, and Panglao, you will always find in our dive shop an instructor to teach you the PADI Drift Diver course.

In Boracay the Channel Drift is the best place to learn how to drift underwater, Yapak is a very dive site too to learn how to drift on strong currents.
In Bohol and Panglao it's around the Cervera Shoal island and the coast of Panglao.
In Mactan it's along the Mactan coast, the Middle pass, as well as along the coast of Olango island.

Mactan and Cebu drift diving classes.

  • PADI drift diver course.
  • 2 dives.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Price with certification: 13,000 PHP.

Boracay drift diving course.

  • PADI drift diving course.
  • 2 dives.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Price with certification: 15,000 PHP.

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Why do you need to learn how to drift underwater?

diver drifting underwater Diving while drifting require some knowledge and techniques, as well as strong communication skills.

For example, if you are too late to jump in the water, your buddies might start to be exhausted fighting against the current if the boat is anchored or need to stay in place.

Underwater while enjoying drifting or gliding in the current, you need to be aware of the team as it can split in a second and you might not be able to reach your team back as the current will push you apart.

Exiting after your dive can also be exhausting without proper techniques to use the current instead of fighting against it.

Overall drift diving is an exciting and exhilarating ride underwater that a scuba diver should not miss. But you need to learn some new skills, have an excellent buoyancy, learn to join lines, and much more to glide underwater safely.

During the PADI Drift Diver course, you will learn:

During this course, you will learn coordination with the team and your buddy to not be swept away. You will also study how to join a line, currents, waves, and tides and how to handle them during a dive.

  • Use of floats and reels as well as SMB (Surface Marker Buoy).
  • Enhancement of your buoyancy control.
  • Navigation and communication while drifting underwater.
  • Techniques in floating with your buddies in the current.
  • Coordination entry and exit.

But the most important is how fun it is to glide and drift while scuba diving.

When can you start to learn the PADI Drift Diver course?

Right Now If you wish!
You can contact us online (just fill the form below or click the button below), or you can directly call us if you are browsing our website on a smartphone (scroll down to the bottom then tap on the phone's icon). You can also walk'in any of our dive shops or dive centers.

You may also want to download or print the medical statement to accelerate the inscription process instead of refilling it in our dive shop.

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The scuba diving gear in the PADI Drift Diver course, includes:

SMB (Surface Marker Buoy), BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device), mask and snorkel, standard scuba diving gear, wetsuit/exposure suit, fins, reel.

At Scotty's dive center the full diving gear is included with the Drift Diving course. You do not have to worry about an added fee, this course is all inclusive with the full diving gear from head to toe.

Want to take your diving experience further?

If you want some diving classes alternative and lessons or want to know what's best next for your education, take a look at the options below.

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