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Our lovely friends photographers are listed below by family name in alphabetical order.

Photographer: Gérard Castiel.

Gérard castiel photographer A french "barroudeur" living in Hong Kong (China) for the last 30 years, Gérard Castiel is the kind of guy who always woke up at 4 in the morning!

Sunrise is the most beautiful thing to look at, well... after the girls though Gérard said

Underwater photographer: Paul Cowell.

Underwater photographer: Paul Cowell Paul Cowell, a British living in Singapore for many years now, Paul travel all across the world to catch stunning and truly unique photographs... Time to times.

Underwater photographer and motion pictures: Alex Hoksbergen.

Underwater photographer and motion pictures: Alex Hoksbergen Living in the Philippines for now +15 years, this French guy is retired and spend almost all his days... underwater, some people are saying that his brain has never decompressed, that's why...

Underwater photographer and videos: Patrice Laborda.

Underwater photographer: Patrice Laborda Living in the Philippines for now 10 years, this little French guy is an underwater digital photography instructor, he is also a technical cave diver, so no need to say that its conversation is very limited...

Underwater photographer: Bo Mancao.

Underwater photographer: Bo Mancao Bo Mancao is a Filipino scuba diver and for sure he is born with a DSLR in the hands, because you cannot do what he does, if you are not a "natural born" photographer, which is extremely rare on the planet Mars.

Underwater photographer: Theodore Mockrish.

Underwater photographer: Theodore Mockrish Theodore Mockrish is a USA scuba diver, living in the Philippines and for sure he is born with a Ph.D about lights in his brain, although some are saying a Ph.D about shadows only... Because when he brings his camera underwater, nothing else exist, not even his buddies.

Free photography websites even for commercial use.

free photography websites Some very specific images came from few free stock photography websites that we are extremely pleased to name here with a direct link.

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