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The best night dives are made during the full moon.

Did you ever tried full moon diving? A must to dive at night.

The full moon diving experience is only at Scotty's

Full moon diving are the best night dives you will ever made.

Full moon diving with Scotty's dive center Do you love to dive at night? Us too, because the colors are awesome and without the diffracted sun rays, every single coral, gorgonians, and other colored fishes, pop up of their natural and highlighted colors when our torch spots them.
But diving during the full moon, a different effect is happening (no, you will not transform yourself into a werewolf) it's all about the light. The light of the moon is different than the sun as weel as a different nocturnal life is getting out too.
Night dives are awesome, but full moon diving is a haven for the night divers.

If you never dove at night, you can alway learn to dive at night in one of our dive centers, and be a certified night scuba-diver to know at least the different signal to do with your torch or lights, because underwater at night your buddy cannot see your hand's signals, so we use a torch for many different signals.

Anyway, you should try to dive during the full moon, it's a magical and unique experience. The light of the full moon gives a surrounding white-blue luminosity, which gives a phantasmagorical effect underwater to your dive buddies and everything else.

A lot of unique marine life get out only during the full moon, and for most of them, the full moon is the only reproduction time, which makes the full moon diving a unique and memorable experience.

Full moon diving calendar 2017

Bellow is the exact full moon diving calendar for the year 2017 in the Philippines.
A full moon dive can be done 2 to 3 nights before the calculated calendar and 2 to 3 nights after the dates below.
This 4 to 6 days period is where the particular marine life goes out during the full moon.

DatePopular Given NamesUTC-GMT +8
Jan. 12Wolf Moon19h34 (7PM)
Feb. 11Snow Moon08h33 (8AM)
Mar. 12Worm Moon23h54 (11PM)
Apr. 11Pink Moon15h08 (3PM)
May 11Flower Moon06h43 (6AM)
June 9Strawberry Moon22h10 (10PM)
July 9Buck Moon13h07 (1PM)
Aug. 8Sturgeon Moon03h11 (3AM)
Sept. 6Harvest Moon16h03 (4PM)
Oct. 6Hunter's Moon03h40 (3AM)
Nov. 4Beaver Moon13h23 (1PM)
Dec. 3Cold Moon23h47 (11PM)

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