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Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and Mactan
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Unbelievable watersports prices with your Scotty's Action Sports Network membership.

Your membership at Scotty's Action Sports Network will work in all our Scotty's dive centers!

Membership at different prices for different needs in all our dive centers.

Welcome to Scotty's dive centers with our dive club membership and club member.

Be a part of our prestigious club of recreational and technical divers by joining Scotty’s privileged membership.

Membership prices and conditions:

SCUBA diving support team and services Local residents can be a part of our prestigious club of recreational and technical divers by joining Scotty’s privileged membership.

What benefits you will get as a club member?

Nitrox gas:
Members benefit from free nitrox fills. However this may, during very busy periods, be subject to the availability of compressor staff.

Boat dives:
Members may join existing local boat dives, subject to availability at no extra cost.

  1. Note: Resort and full paying guests will be prioritized over club members with regards to boat dive availability and/or schedules of Scotty’s dive guides.

  2. Note: The 'free boat dive' offer is for local sites only, covering Mactan and Olango Island, and is not valid for outlying dive sites. Members are required to pay any marine entrance fees.

  3. Note: For outlying dive sites members may join none-exclusive trips where there is a minimum of four full paying guests. If less than four full paying guests a payment of Php 2,500 plus 12% vat is split between the joining club members. Members are required to pay any marine entrance fees.

  4. Note: In case no boat is scheduled and you wish to take a boat dive, members may avail of an exclusive boat if arranged at least one day in advance. Same day boat rental is also available, but not guaranteed subject to availability.

Exclusive boat hire or rental:
Members can organize dive trips through Scotty’s. We will provide emergency O2, first aid kits, tanks, weights and a boat. Members must pay any marine entrance fees. Prices are per boat and can hold up to ten divers. Please add 12% vat.

    For example:
  • Local dive sites Php 3,500 per trip.
  • Nalusuan / Hilutungan Php 5,000 per trip.
  • Liloan wreck Php 5,000 per trip.

Use of dive guides: As licensed divers, membership does not include provision of dive guides. If you are a single diver not joining an existing group, or if the guide to diver ratio on a regularly scheduled boat dive has been exceeded (4 to 1) or you simply feel the need to have a dive master join you, a fee of Php 1,000 plus 12% vat will be charged per dive with a guide.

Additional club benefits.

  • Dive courses for members and their close friends and family are offered at 35% discount from our published pricing.

  • Members close friends who are certified divers may dive with club members for Php 1,500 per dive plus equipment. Please add 12% vat.

  • Your membership is valid at the following Scotty's locations:
    • Cebu branches at Shangri-La and Moevenpick resorts.
    • Scotty’s Shangri-La Boracay.
    • Scotty’s Bohol.

  • 35% discount on the following water sports activities:
    • Parasailing (min. two persons).
    • Banana boat (min. two persons).
    • Flyfish (min. two persons).
    • Island hopping (min. four persons).

  • 20% discount on selected retail. Due to various pricing approach management for exact discount.

  • Bento box lunch Php 300. Only available at Shangri-La Mactan.

  • Exclusive staff hire Php 1,000 per staff member plus 12% vat.

  • Special events, workshops, (tec diving, u/w photography, side mount diving etc.) and gatherings will also be announced to club members.

  • Highly trained staff members will be available to offer you professional advice on all of your training and continuing education needs, equipment choices, configurations, and maintenance.

  • The club shall endeavor to help club members to get the best possible rates at member resorts.


All memberships are strictly for personal use, are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Please present your membership card to your dive-guide or Scotty’s front desk personal on the day of your dive to avail of its benefits.

Please note we are unable to offer discounts for the food sold in any of the hotels we operate from. We also do not offer discounted pricing for water skiing and wake boarding.

Liability waivers must be completed on a monthly basis.

Divers must dive within the limits as defined on their certification cards.

For reservations or queries please contact us here.

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