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 Scotty's Action Sports Network
Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and Mactan

Scotty's Action Sports Network 10 different destinations in the Philippines.

Choose your hotel and resort and we will be nearby.

Scotty's Action Sports Network is at least in Mactan, Cebu, Bohol, Panglao, Boracay and so.

About Scotty's Action Sports Network (SASN) water sports, island tours, and scuba diving.

Scotty's Action Sports Network (also known as S.A.S.N.) is specialized in all kind of watersports, if it's above the water, on the water or underwater, we do it!

SASN (Scotty's Action Sports Network) headquarters can be found at the following location:
Shangri-La's Mactan resort & spa in Mactan, Cebu province.
In addition to this, Scotty's customer assistance counters can be found in the following hotel and resorts:

With 10 Scotty's Dive centers and watersports centers around the Philippines, the primary objective of SASN is to serve you in the best way possible and even more for you to have your best holidays and vacations.

Scotty's Action Sports Network (SASN) in Mactan, Cebu, Panglao, Bohol, and Boracay.

About Scotty's Action Sports Network watersports and SCUBA diving Scotty’s Action Sports Network (SASN) is a diving center that provides high-quality services on scuba diving, water sports, island hopping tours and excursions for the last 30 years in the Philippines. Leisure activities that are sure are enjoyable and safe. We will do the best for you, your friends, and family during your holidays or vacations.

We are one of the few operators to have the biggest insurance policy, in the country.
Be fully compliant with the Philippines Marina Authority for all the permits related to boats.
We comply with all the labor laws, permits, legal benefits for all our employees (domestic and foreign).

Our boat fleet is one of the largest in the Philippines (aside from shipping line), insuring maximum flexibility to customers service.
Our compressors system are all BAUER Pure air Certified by the Philippines Government.
We have an oxygen booster to +200 bars (3000 psi) to ensure that our oxygen tanks are well filled and to provide proper technical dives (for example our 6 meters (20 feet) O2 deco tanks are loaded at 200 bars (3000psi)).
Every piece of our equipment is fully serviced every 6 months by factory trained technician (from regulators to boat engines).

On the operations side:

We provide towels for every guest, drinking water, and a smile.

  • Our Guests do not have to pay entrance fees in the diving sanctuaries and island tours or any additional, no hidden costs, no surprises.
  • We do assemble, carry and wash your equipments (or not at all, this is up to you). You are on holiday, you do not have to care about that!
  • For diving, at Scotty's, the maximum ratio is one dive professional to four guests, although most of the time we try to keep it 1 to 3, giving you the best possible attention.
  • All of our island hopping tours have a guide on board who will help people to swim and provide additional information about the location (on top of the boat crew).

Scotty's Action Sports Network history.

Scotty's Action Sports Network in history Started off as a small dive shop in 1986 in Cebu, Philippines, offering scuba diving services that became known for its high-quality scuba diving gear rentals as well as professional diving buddies that assist you underwater. Later then opened an official dive center upon the opening of Shangri-La Mactan in 1993.

SASN has begun to provide the best services for hotel's guests who want to go for an adventure on the water, above the water or underwater, on their vacation here in Mactan, Cebu province.

As years went on and the demand for the service grew, SASN opened its branches in Bohol and Panglao as well as in Boracay. SASN also offer its services for non-hotel guest to experience the fun and excitement in each marine activity that we provide, we also pick you up at any hotel within Mactan (Cebu) and Panglao (Bohol) for free.

Scuba diving with Scotty’s Action Sports Network.

SCUBA diving Scotty’s is now well known for providing the best scuba diving services, handled by professional diving instructors associated with well-established diving agencies such as PADI, SSI, GUE, RAID and so on.

The best quality and well-known brands of scuba diving gears are also available for purchase or rentals in all our branches. These high-quality dive gears are also included in some scuba diving courses or diving packages.

Diving with SASN in amazing diving spots will be a breathtaking experience for your dreams to come true. Handled by professional diving instructors, your scuba diving adventures will be fun, and you will become more confident during your dives.

Scotty's island hopping tours and excursions.

Scotty's island tours and excursions All SASN branches provide island hopping and excursions with the best and spectacular sceneries of the crystal blue waters surrounding the pristine tropical islands.

The travel destinations that take you to amazing, breathtaking locations where your eyes feast with all the tropical colors. Marine sanctuaries that are filled with life and more than 480 different species of colorful corals as you snorkel on the surface of the water.

SASN will bring you to white sand beaches that you can relax or play with any beach activities you would like. The sun and fun adventure that is perfect for your family and friends.

Excellence in Customer Service.

Hotel, corporate, resort, travel agency contact Scotty’s Action Sports Network has provided happy and memorable holiday vacation with the best quality services to their guests. With SASN, you will end the day with a smile and never fail to say that you have the best holiday or vacation experience with your friends and family.

Regular guests come back with their friends and loved ones to share their unforgettable experience with Scotty’s. We always make sure that everyone is catered to their appropriate wishes and needs so that our guests won’t have to worry anything, but just to have fun.

Our priority is to satisfy every customer with excellent service and provide them accurate and timely manner. We also value our customers' feedbacks and implement them in the process of improving our service.

The enjoyment of your friends and family are always guaranteed with Scotty’s on the time and date that suit you most. We want to hear from you! Let Scotty’s Action Sports Network make your holiday vacation to a memorable and fun one!

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