Free diving: Learn how to go deep with one breath during our courses.

Skin diving is also know as free diving and it's for everyone.

A free diver does not need tank (cylinder) and can stay longer than you think.

Our courses of free diving or skin diving.

free from scuba diving gears The Rebreather Association of International Divers (RAID) will be your certification agency for your skin diver and freediver courses.

Explore the underwater world free from scuba diving gears and equipment. Swim effortlessly like you are born to live under the waves of the ocean on freediving. Experience the peaceful serenade of the ocean and embrace the relaxation and the fascinating pleasure of the underwater world.

In freediving, you will gain the freedom of movement underwater and you will learn to swim the natural way just like living as a mermaid with the absence of gills and having the fishtail. Interact with aquatic creatures naturally as you will be taught how to swim and glide underwater flawlessly.

Start you incredible journey with us into the underwater world and take our freediving courses and you will be guided by the experts of freediving from RAID (Rebreather Association of International Divers). You will receive personalized training from academics, pool training and to open water diving.

Freediver: First level of our freediving course (level 1).

Freediver: First level of our freediving course (level 1) Get to know and learn the basics of freediving and be guided with an instructor to the exciting and relaxing world of freediving. Experience the sense of freedom underwater and it’s an amazing way to interact with marine life as well as a good yoga for your body as you complete freediver course (level1).

You will learn the theories behind freediving, its purpose, benefits and knowledge development in the academics section on freediving that you will need once you step into the world of freediving. You will be guided by your instructor the basics of freediving, learning how to breath longer while you’re still on the surface and walk you through on what to do once you step foot below the water surface.

Once you are taught by the basics and knowledge development of freediving, you will be dipping to a confined water or pool training to test your skills and limits on your first freediving. Applying the basic skills from the academic sessions, you will now submerge into the pool and test holding your breath as long as possible while floating face down on the surface of the pool.

In the event that the instructor finds your skills are ready for an actual dive, you will be guided to freedive down to a depth of 20m/66ft with your instructor and test your limit with the newly acquired skills of freediving.

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Advanced free diver (level 2 in the freediver course).

Advanced free diver (level 2 in the freediver course) Gain the skills and knowledge and be an efficient freediver in advanced freediving course (level 2). You will take another level in freediving and by the guidance of your instructor, you will undergo a new set of academic learning, pool training and open water dives and apply what you will learn on the advanced freediving course.

In the advanced freediving course (level 2), you will be acquiring proper skills and knowledge in order for you to achieve freediving down to 30m/99ft in a relaxing and safe manner. You will start off with academics sessions and the how-to discussions in order to achieve the target depth of the freediving course (level2).

You will then test what you have learned from the academic sessions and apply it to the pool sessions and see how far can you go with the updated skills that was taught to you. In the pool session, you will train to dive and hold your breath for the least of 2 minutes and reach 55 metres / 180 feet in within the surface swimming and apply the techniques discussed by your instructor.

Your instructor will grade you with your pool training and once you gain the satisfaction score, you will then venture to dive in the open water and confidently dive to the targeted depth and applied the trained techniques and freediving skills in achieving the 30m/99ft max depth in advanced freediving course (level2).

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Master freediver (level 3).

Master freediver level 3 This is the top tier of freediving and take on the challenge to dive to the depths of 40m/130ft maximum on a single breath of air in master freediver course (level 3). Take your freediving skills to the superior level.

You will entail the academic lessons from basic and advanced freediving courses and the master freediving discussions for static and dynamic apnea trainings, physiology, psychology and physics of freediving in order to achieve the target 40m on a single breath freedive. Knowledge development, relaxation and advanced breathing techniques are also covered in the master freediver course (level 3).

Confined water sessions or pool training to improve apnea attempts, 3 minutes and 30 seconds minimum for static apnea and 70 meters / 230 feet on dynamic apnea, no fins diving, and application of the update skills in freediving.

Open water sessions to practice mouthfill equilization and do warm-up and work-up dives of free immersion and constant weight freediving. You will then venture to dive with your acquired and developed skills and apply your freediving potential to the maximum of 40m / 130ft single breath freedive.

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