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Announcements and Updates Page

Announcements and Updates: What's Happening Now

Announcements and Updates: The subject matter could range from something relatively small, such as a website issue, to something relatively big, such as the grand opening of a new dive center, to everything in between.

Boat for Sale (Leasure Yacht)

boat for sale Our Leasure Yacht is for sale! To know more about it click / tap here.

Covid_19 pandemy

Due to the enhanced quarantine in the Philippines, all our branches and headquarters are closed until further notice.
#StaySafe #StayAtHome #RespectsocialDistancing #WearAMask

Live Chat and Online Support

As for today you can see on the left bottom corner our Live chat support. It is in Beta test!
No worries it is functional but we are still testing it ALIVE.
If you use it and see any bugs/bogs or if something went wrong, we would much appreciate if you can tell us about it (you can use our contact-us form on any page or call us).

When you see online, an operator is waiting your questions and will answer via the Live Chat (for the moment, it is not recommended to book via the live chat support, but if you wish you can, though).

When you see offline you can still send an email via the Live chat, or use any of the inquiry form everywhere on our website, or call us.

New Articles about Jellyfish and the Scotty's Summer Camp

A new and very interesting article is in our underwater blog. We speak about the immortal jellyfish, the most dangerous jellyfish, the largest jellyfish, as well as the jellyfish invasion, how to cure a jellyfish sting, and much more.

We are proud to announce that we now have a summer camp website for your kids and even all the familly. Please check out our new Summer Camp Website and do not hesitate to contact us about it (inside the summer camp website).

Price New Updates

Finally!! All our online prices are updated on our side (Website/Media Department)!
But each branches' managers should check every single price of their branch. Once checked we will report it here as definitively done.
During this very short period, we do recommend that you inquire via our online form or just call us (scroll-down to the bottom) to be sure about a price.
Thanks a lot for your patience.

Updates: Prices and site map

About updating our online Prices

We are sorry to inform you that we are late in updating our online prices.
We apologize for it, but we are glad to tell you that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. All prices should be updated and alive in the next coming days.

So what's happening about prices?

For your information, we changed a lot of things in the background and the update need to be compatible with our future online booking cart and online payment (coming soon) that is specific to every dive center with each of their prices, yet visible on each pages. It took time for us to write a program that is also compatible for our managers to adjust rates and activities in live for their managed branches.

Site Map updated

If you get lost on our website, here is our latest updated site map with each page ordered by activities and title of the activity

Opening of our Mermaid School

Mermaid School

We are proud to announce we have opened our mermaid school in Mactan, Cebu, and Boracay.
Mermaid courses prices are up to date and online.

Prices Update

We have some delay in our prices' update. As for now only watersports, SSI scuba diving courses, and PADI scuba diving courses are updated.

Watersports Prices Update


We are slowly updating ALL our prices and Fares on all the website (all upcoming Prices and Fares will be with VAT inclusive).
As for now:

Website Update

Fixed a little bug for our Newsletter subscription (now it is working fine).


We are slowly updating ALL our prices and Fares on all the website (all upcoming Prices and Fares will be with VAT inclusive).
This update should be finished by December 10
You might see some "Price not set" or an old price during this period or no price at all.
Please bear with us during this transition and do not hesitate to contact us for clarification about prices.
If we have some delay, we will report it here as well as the activity service which are upto date.

Boracay Activities Update

Helmet Diving is now available (Also Known As Marine Walk).

Boracay Activities Update

As for now, after the re-openning of Boracay, we can offer:

More activities are on the way every day, so stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletter

PopUp Slider (asking for your subscription) Updated

We have updated our PopUp slider (asking for your subscription) to not bother you when you are reading!
It will be shown only if you scroll to the bottom, and if you have clicked on No Thanks, for 1 week you will not see it.

But the most important was the update for our Subscribers to not see it EVER!
If you see it, 3 solutions:

  • Just enter your email you subscribed with in it, submit, and it's done, you can update your data if you wish on the next page, but in all cases you won't see this popUp again.
  • Or open your newsletter in your email, scroll down and click on visit our Email Subscription Center no need to do something else just close the webpage and you will NEVER see our popUp again.
  • Or simply wait for your next newsletter and when it will arrive in your email just go to read it, you have nothing else to do.

Submission Forms (Booking/Inquiry) Updated

We have updated our submission forms (Booking/Inquiry) to be compatible with the internet browser Safari from Apple which do not handle the HTML5 date picker unlike all other internet browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and so on).
So now even Safari on macOS have a date picker on our website ☺.

We also have cut our long form in 3 short simple steps, where filling up the last step is optional as shown below.

step 1 step 2 step 3

Privacy Policy, Cookies, and Data Collection

We have updated our privacy policy, use of cookies and data collection for our online booking cart (coming very soon).
Also as of now we do NOT use anymore third-party widgets or statistical third-party services. (it's all home-made, outside of our website no one can track you here ☺)

Boracay Authorized Activities II

More good news as of today we can now offer in Boracay:

All this on top of the annoucement below.
More good news should be expected in the coming days.

Boracay Authorized Activities

Paraw sailing boats for rentals are authorized from the 5th of November.
Scuba Diving in and around Boracay (fun dives and scuba courses) are now authorized starting Wednesday 7 November 2018.

As of today, we are still waiting for island hopping and tour by motor banca boat to re-open.

Boracay Re-Opening the 26 October 2018

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have authorized the re-opening of Boracay under some conditions. Basically, everything motorised is forbidden until further notice, it also includes Paraw Sailing boats and scuba-diving in Boracay.

So what can Scotty's Action Sports Network offer as marine activities until the full re-opening?

This list could change at any time, i.e. once the marine bio-diversity check has been done by the DENR next week, they might allow diving in and around Boracay. Paraws might get the go ahead again.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and new updates.

Help us celebrate our first 1,000 likes and enter for a chance to win a $200 underwater experience

Raffle prize Winner Get the chance to win one Helmet Diving session (with pictures of the experience) for four (4) people worth over ₱10,000 for FREE!!!
All you have to do is 'like' this page (divescotty Facebook page) and that's it. It's as simple as that!

This raffle draw is not open to SASN staff and their families (we exclude them from the final list of names) and private profiles (because we cannot see their account), thus the 1,000 likes on the page is not yet final. In other words, you have a greater chance to win the raffle!

You can check if your name is in our list here.

Banana boat price updated

The banana boat tour's prices are updated for Mactan, Cebu, and Panglao, Bohol.
The banana boat tours in Boracay are still unavailable until the end of October 2018.

Today 22 May is the International Day for Biodiversity

Our article about the International Day for Biological Diversity.

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Huge promotion for our subscribers, until our next newsletter!
If you are subscribed to our newsletter before 17 May 2018, read your newsletter to get this huge deal!

Not yet subscribed to our newsletter? To get our monthly deal, click here!

Boracay 50% Discount

Promotion: Boracay Banana Boat Rides up to 50% Off!

Two paying adults can bring along two guests FREE when they ride our Banana Boat in Boracay! Due to the pending 6-month closure of Boracay Island, this offer expires April 26, 2018.

Book your discounted Boracay banana boat ride before it's too late!

Book a banana boat!

Email Disruption (Fixed)

Our website's host had encountered an email problem with some of its servers, earlier this morning. Sadly, we are in the two clusters which had this problem.
We were not able to answer your email or your online reservation right away, as we were not able to connect to our different accounts while they were trying to fix the problem.

Our host assured us that we were still receiving emails, but it seems that we didn't receive them all.

If you made any online reservations earlier this morning or last night, please do it again to be sure we have them.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Updated pages in Island Tours

New thumbnails and link in the side menu (at the very bottom if you are using a smartphone or a small tablet).

Pangan-an Island Tour updated.
Puka Shell Beach updated.
Sumilon Island updated.

Fixed links and Updated pages in Island Tours

A forgotten "target" on the "Happening Now" which opened in a new page (we do not like to open a link in a new tab or new page when navigating on the same website).
Problem fixed: No more opening in a new page/tab.

Olango Island Tour updated.
Panglao Island updated.
Panay Island Tour updated.
Pandanon Island updated.

Added a New Page and Few Updates

Updated the page of:

New page for the Gakang Island Tour.

Special Promotions and Diving Packages for Mactan, Cebu Dive Safaris (day trip)

Take advantage of our new scuba diving safari (day trip) price and fares, each with two or three dives included at your travel destination(s).

Start and end times indicate when we depart from and return to our headquarters in Mactan.
Advanced booking is required. Because these are special rates for Mactan, Cebu, please note the minimum passenger requirements
Sign up now to get your preferred date!

More...▼ Less...▲

Diving at Cuatro Islas

  • start and end times: 06H00 (6 AM) - 18H00 (6 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 5
  • rate: PHP 13,600

Diving at Camotes Islands

  • start and end times: 07H00 (7 AM) - 18H00 (6 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 5
  • rate: PHP 10,750

Diving the Twin Caverns

  • start and end times: 09H00 (9 AM) - 17H00 (5 PM)
  • 2 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 4
  • rate: PHP 6,750

Diving at Cabilao Island

  • start and end times: 07H00 - 08H00 (7-8 AM) - 17H00 (5 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 4
  • rate: PHP 8,600

Hilutungan Island and Nalusuan Island

  • start and end times: 09H00 (9 AM) - 14H00 (2 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 2
  • rate: PHP 6,300

Balicasag Island, Bohol

  • start and end times: 05H30 (5:30 AM) - 19H00 (7 PM)
  • minimum number of divers: 5
  • 3 dives on site
  • rate: PHP 13,600

Moalboal, Cebu

  • start and end times: 05H00 (5 AM) - 17H00 (5 PM)
  • minimum number of divers: 3
  • 2 dives on site
  • rate: PHP 9,000

Website Forms Error Fixed

We updated our website's forms to be more user-friendly on tablets and smartphones using Firefox browsers. For three days, however, several forms would freeze and not submit. Safari browsers appeared to be submitting, but we did not receive these subsmissions.
The JavaScript error that caused this has been fixed.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused. If this problem should recur, please notify us through the form below, which is not susceptible to similar errors.

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2. Pick your prefered date.
3. You can ask question/inquire then just Submit.


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Check the box if you like to tell us about what you are interested in:

Your booking day.

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Contact informations

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Your inquiry:

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