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Announcements and Updates: What's Happening Now

Announcement and updates The subject matter could range from something relatively small, such as a website issue, to something relatively big, such as the grand opening of a new dive center, to everything in between.

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Scotty's Action Sports Network (SASN) is a dynamic company. We regularly have something new and exciting to announce, or we have updates to share about previous announcements.

For these announcements, be sure to regularly check, subscribe to our newsletter, call us from your smartphone by tapping the phone icon at the bottom of this page (from a cellphone or tablet), and/or ask a Scotty's staff member at any of our dive centers in Mactan, Cebu, Panglao, Bohol, or Boracay.

Read below to find out what's happening now.

Email Disruption (Fixed)

Our website's host had encountered an email problem with some of its servers, earlier this morning. Sadly, we are in the two clusters which had this problem.
We were not able to answer your email or your online reservation right away, as we were not able to connect to our different accounts while they were trying to fix the problem.

Our host assured us that we were still receiving emails, but it seems that we didn't receive them all.

If you made any online reservations earlier this morning or last night, please do it again to be sure we have them.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Updated pages in Island Tours

New thumbnails and link in the side menu (at the very bottom if you are using a smartphone or a small tablet).

Pangan-an Island Tour updated.
Puka Shell Beach updated.
Sumilon Island updated.

Fixed links and Updated pages in Island Tours

A forgotten "target" on the "Happening Now" which opened in a new page (we do not like to open a link in a new tab or new page when navigating on the same website).
Problem fixed: No more opening in a new page/tab.

Olango Island Tour updated.
Panglao Island updated.
Panay Island Tour updated.
Pandanon Island updated.

Added a New Page and Few Updates

Updated the page of:

New page for the Gakang Island Tour.

Special Promotions and Diving Packages for Mactan, Cebu Dive Safaris (day trip)

Take advantage of our new scuba diving safari (day trip) price and fares, each with two or three dives included at your travel destination(s).

Start and end times indicate when we depart from and return to our headquarters in Mactan.
Advanced booking is required. Because these are special rates for Mactan, Cebu, please note the minimum passenger requirements
Sign up now to get your preferred date!

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Diving at Cuatro Islas

  • start and end times: 06H00 (6 AM) - 18H00 (6 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 5
  • rate: PHP 13,600

Diving at Camotes Islands

  • start and end times: 07H00 (7 AM) - 18H00 (6 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 5
  • rate: PHP 10,750

Diving the Twin Caverns

  • start and end times: 09H00 (9 AM) - 17H00 (5 PM)
  • 2 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 4
  • rate: PHP 6,750

Diving at Cabilao Island

  • start and end times: 07H00 - 08H00 (7-8 AM) - 17H00 (5 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 4
  • rate: PHP 8,600

Hilutungan Island and Nalusuan Island

  • start and end times: 09H00 (9 AM) - 14H00 (2 PM)
  • 3 dives on site
  • minimum number of divers: 2
  • rate: PHP 6,300

Balicasag Island, Bohol

  • start and end times: 05H30 (5:30 AM) - 19H00 (7 PM)
  • minimum number of divers: 5
  • 3 dives on site
  • rate: PHP 13,600

Moalboal, Cebu

  • start and end times: 05H00 (5 AM) - 17H00 (5 PM)
  • minimum number of divers: 3
  • 2 dives on site
  • rate: PHP 9,000

Website Forms Error Fixed

We updated our website's forms to be more user-friendly on tablets and smartphones using Firefox browsers. For three days, however, several forms would freeze and not submit. Safari browsers appeared to be submitting, but we did not receive these subsmissions.
The JavaScript error that caused this has been fixed.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused. If this problem should recur, please notify us through the form below, which is not susceptible to similar errors.

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