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We take you to only the best snorkeling sites in the Philippines.

Snorkeling does not require lengthy training or expensive equipment.

With only a snorkel and a diving mask you can view the rich marine biodiversity of the Philippines.

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The Best Snorkeling in Mactan, Cebu, Panglao, Bohol, and Boracay

Everyone knows how to snorkel, even if you don't know how to swim. With only a snorkel, a diving mask, and a life jacket you can view the rich marine biodiversity of the Philippines. Basic snorkeling requires very little effort. And, we take you to only the best snorkeling sites in the Philippines.

If you do not know how to swim at all, you can practice snorkeling in a swimming pool. Or, you can swim out from the shore. This will give you confidence to try snorkeling from a boat.

Snorkeling from a boat gives you a sense of flying through the air, high above everything else. This is because from the moment you enter the water and look down, you are several meters above the "ground." You see everything from above carrying on as if you are not even there. Schools of fish float in place. Individual fish feed off whatever they can find. It is a way to observe nature in its natural habitat, without interacting with it or interfering with it.

Wearing a Scotty's life jacket, you can float facing down for a long time. Besides the corals and the fishes, surprises await on the seafloor. No spoilers here, though, you will have to view them for yourself! When you have seen it all, swim back to your boat and prepare for whatever you have scheduled next.

NOTE: If you do not have an underwater camera, you can rent a waterproof camera from us. We can transfer the photos to a USB thumb drive that you can take with you.

Snorkeling has two advantages over SCUBA diving. You do not need lengthy training or expensive equipment. Yet, you can enjoy clear underwater views for long periods of time.

If you are an experienced snorkeler and swimmer, try playing underwater sports. Popular examples are underwater hockey, underwater rugby, and finswimming. If you are very experienced, let our instructors teach you free-diving. We have all the equipment you will need.

Trust Scotty's to bring you to the most interesting snorkeling destinations. We will take you to see spectacular coral reefs where you can swim with reef fishes and other aquatic animals. The water will be crystal clear and the water currents will be calm. Enjoy!

Snorkeling Rates

Snorkeling rental gear prices You can go snorkeling at any nearby marine sanctuary on your tropical island tour. Or, you can go snorkeling as part of a boat tour.

Scotty's Action Sports Network gives you the 5-star treatment. We can take you and your group out to a marine sanctuary on your own boat. You can then enjoy a private snorkeling experience.

    Snorkeling Equipment Rates

  • Life Vest: 150 PHP per person
  • Wetsuit: 300 PHP per person
  • Mask with snorkel: 400 PHP per set
  • Fins: 250 PHP per person
  • Booties: 150 PHP per person
  • Fins with strap and booties: 350 PHP per set
  • Snorkeling set (mask, snorkel, fins and life jacket): 600 PHP per person

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