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Island Hopping Bohol “God’s little paradise” is the Philippines' tenth largest island known as Bohol. Most boats and all airplanes arrive in Tagbilaran, Bohol's capital. Soon you will be able to arrive via a new international airport.

Bohol has its share of beaches, man-made structures, and other tourist attractions. It also boasts 1,400 caves, 75 islands, and many waterfalls to explore.

Bohol is mainly well-known for the Tarsiers (the tiniest primate in the world) as well as the Chocolate Hills.

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The Best of Bohol Tours:

Touring Bohol, Philippines

Start at Tagbilaran, and then travel around and through Bohol. Mainland Bohol has caves, waterfalls, churches, beaches, bridges, and watchtowers to explore. The brown-colored Chocolate Hills are unique and are a must-see.

After exploring mainland Bohol, there are still 75 surrounding islands to explore. The main attractions are Pamilacan, Balicasag, Cabilao, La Manok Island, and Virgin island.

Tour packages may include a whale watching tour or dolphin watching tour like on the video.

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More than things to see, Bohol has things to do. You can do activities at Extreme Adventure Tour (E.A.T.) in Danao, zip-line in Loboc, go snorkeling in Balicasag or Cabilao, go birding (bird watching) at Rajah Sikatuna National Park, bathe below Kawasan Falls, picnic by Pahangog Twin Falls, dine on a floating restaurant in Loboc, jump from Kilab-Kilab Falls, swim near Punta Cruz Watchtower in Maribojoc, kayak through fireflies on the Abatan River in Maribojoc, and visit Prony, the all-time world's largest python in captivity.

Off-land you can observe anemonefishes, Triton's Trumpet (a large sea snail), crown-of-thorns starfish, nudibranches (sea slugs), tarsiers, and spinner dolphins.

Your Bohol Island Excursion

Your Bohol Island Excursion Bring extra memory cards for your camera, because there is so much to see during your tour in Bohol:

  • Alona Beach, Panglao
  • Ancestral Houses (old Spanish Hacienda type)
  • Bikini Beach, Tagbilaran
  • Blood Compact Monument, Tagbilaran
  • Bohol Museum, Tagbilaran
  • Bohol Quality Shopping Mall, Tagbilaran
  • bridge, hanging, Loboc
  • bridge, hanging, Sevilla
  • Buhong Tiawan, Antequera
  • Busay Falls, Loboc
  • Cabognaw Cave, Anda
  • Camugao Falls, Balilihan
  • Carmaloan 2, Jagna (deepest cave in Central Visayas)
  • Catagbacan port, Loon
  • Chocolate Hills, Carmen
  • Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Carmen
  • church, Cortes
  • church, Marijoboc
  • church, Panglao
  • church, Tubigon
  • church, neo-gothic, Calape (unique in Bohol)
  • Church of Our Lady of Assumption, Dauis
  • Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Baclayon
  • Church of San Pedro, Loboc (second oldest in Bohol)
  • coral reefs, Cabilao
  • Doljo Beach, Panglao
  • Dumaluan Beach, Panglao
  • Ermita Ruins, Dimiao
  • forest, man-made, Bilar
  • Francisco Dagohoy Cave, Danao
  • Hagakgak Cave, Antequera
  • Hinagdanan Cave, Dauis
  • Inambacan Cave, Antequera
  • Inambacan Falls, Antequera
  • Island City Mall, Tagbilaran
  • Jardin Necitas (20 thousand glowing flowers)
  • Kawasan Falls, Balilihan
  • Kilab-Kilab Falls
  • lighthouses, Balicasag
  • Mag Aso Falls, Antequera
  • Momo Beach, Panglao
  • Our Lady of Light Parish Church, Loon (largest in Bohol)
  • Pahangog Twin Falls, Dimiao
  • pier, Baclayon
  • Plaza Marcela, Tagbilaran
  • pool, natural spring, Logarita
  • port, Tubigon
  • Punta Cruz Watchtower, Maribojoc
  • Raja Sikatuna National Park, Bilar
  • restaurants, floating, Loboc
  • road, Bilar
  • Sagbayan Peak, Sagbayan
  • Saint Nicholas Tolentine Parish, Dimiao
  • Saint Peter the Apostle Parish, Loboc
  • seaport, Jagna
  • Simply Butterflies Conservation Center, Bilar
  • Sandugo blood compact site, Tagbilaran
  • Sudlon bat cave (largest cave in Bohol)
  • Sunday Market, Antequera
  • Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc
  • Tarsier Sanctuary, Corella
  • twin caves, Dimiao
  • watchtower, Balilihan
  • watchtower, Pamilacan island
  • watchtower, hexagonal, Panglao (Bohol's largest)
  • white beach, Virgin Island (Puntod)

For a snack, try the local mango, banana, soursop, and durian. On your island tour, be sure to try the local delicacies. For example, in Jagna, try Kalamay (Kalamay hati).

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