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Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Boat Tours of Mactan and Boracay

Glass Bottom Boat Tours A glass bottom boat is a boat with a see-through glass hull. In a glass bottom boat, you can observe tropical fishes and corals without getting wet! This is appealing to those who cannot swim, are not feeling well, have injuries, and so forth.

As a certified boat builder, we build and maintain all our boats, including our glass bottom boats. We made our glass bottom boats small, so you will not have to deal with large groups. In fact, glass bottom boat tours are ideal for couples, families, and small groups. Because you sit around the windows, you can point out to each other whatever you see. Furthermore, you can see what others are pointing to without having to move from your seat.

Popular glass bottom boat tours are near Boracay Island and Mactan Island (a Cebu region). Mactan Island's Marine Sanctuaries, Gilutuan and Olango Island's Talima Marine Sanctuary are popular tours.

We are building a glass bottom boat for Bohol and Panglao. Contact us to reserve it.

Stay Dry on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The primary reason to go on a glass bottom boat tour is for the views. You do not need special training, clothing, or equipment. Stay safe and dry while you look out the marine life through the windows in every direction.

Unlike snorkeling and swimming, you can speak and hear on a glass bottom boat. Instead of only pointing at interesting sights, you can talk about them. You can speak with each other, and you can also ask your guide questions.

There are other reasons to enjoy glass bottom boat tours. You may see aquatic life up-close, far from shore, without regard to your swimming ability. Or, for various reasons, you may not want to get wet. Family members and group members of all ages can enjoy glass bottom boat tours.

Your Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Boat Tour A glass bottom boat rental allows you to venture out farther from shore. Besides the usual reef fishes and corals, you may encounter larger aquatic animals:

  • dolphin
  • sailfish
  • swordfish
  • whale shark

Your private tour guide will help identify all aquatic life, both big and small. You can still go snorkeling or swimming from your glass bottom boat. Also, bring some bread on board to feed the fishes.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

  • Schedule: morning or afternoon
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price per person: 5320 PHP
  • Convert the price to your currency
  • Regular Boat: capacity of 6 persons, (minimum 2 persons)

All our Glass Bottom Boat Tour tours prices are V.A.T. inclusive

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