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Sightseeing tours on the grandiest places in Cebu, Mactan, Bohol and Boracay islands.

Discover what the 1,107 islands of the Philippines has to offer with our sightseeing tour packages.

Sightseeing tours: Exploring the Philippines sights in comfort.

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Sightseeing tours.

Sightseeing tours Indulge your thirst for adventure as Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers a sightseeing tour adventure to any islands you desire within Mactan and all around Olango Islands group, and you could choose either you will take it with a speedboat or by local banca for better sightseeing.

Sightseeing boat tour of the tropical waters surrounding Boracay. Get to view the long white beach and some tropical islands with its local villages and some fishermen, and greet other tourist taking their sightseeing tour around Boracay while your own our leisurely boat cruise.

Mactan and Cebu sightseeing tour adventures.

Mactan and Cebu sightseeing tour adventures Our sightseeing tour package starts at PHP 2,250 per person and a minimum of 4 persons is needed for a speedboat sightseeing tour and 2 persons for the local banca boat. The sightseeing tour approximation, is at 2 hours.

    Speed boat sightseeing tour price.

  • Price: 2,250 PHP per person.
  • 4 persons minimum.
  • 2 hours tour.
  • Local banca sightseeing tour price.

  • Price: 2,250 PHP per person.
  • 2 persons minimum.
  • 2 hours tour.

Boracay sightseeing tour adventures.

Boracay sightseeing tour You can take the sightseeing tour for just PHP 2,500 per person and a minimum of 2 person is required and the approximation of this tour is good for 2 hours.

    Boracay sightseeing tour prices.

  • Price: 2,500 PHP per person.
  • 2 persons minimum.
  • 2 hours tour.

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