Rent a towed floating tubes at high speed and the thrill will begins.

Get inside our float tubes and floating ball to walk on the sea.

Hold on tight as our towed float tubes can fly.

Watersports services and support email contact.

support team and services In order to serve you the best way possible, please fill-in the form fields below (especialy the ones in blue) or directly contact us by phone (in English first, then we can redirect you to someone who speaks your language).

We natively speak in English, Tagalog, Français and 日本語 !
But we also have crew/staff who speaks Deutsche, 中文 and русский.

Feel free to tell us more about you, and your inquiry.
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Scotty's Action Sport Network watersports support, services and FAQ.

watersports support team and services Scotty’s Action Sport Network Inc offers you a wide variety of fun watersports and excitement for your stay.

Just don’t take your vacation relaxing in your rooms, with our wide range and variety of watersports, you could have a thrilling and exhilarating memorable adventure of your lifetime!

Enjoy the fun and exhilarating activities in this white sugary sands, the crystal blue waters and under the sun. Get ready to pack and dive in with us and will make your splashing adventure memorable!

If you have any inquiries and/or concerns regarding our water sports services, please do contact us with our contact details below and we will gladly assist you with that.

We serve the best water sports experience for you and for your family so get in touch with us now and we will make your vacation more exciting and memorable.

    See below our F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions) about our watersports.

Where is Scotty’s Action Sports Network watersports center?

SASN (Scotty's Action Sport Network) headquarters can be found at the following location:

Shangri-La's Mactan hotel resort & spa.
Scotty's Action Sports Network (SASN).
Punta engaño road, Mactan island.
Lapu-Lapu City.
Cebu 6015, Philippines.
Tel. Nos.: (+63 32) 231-5060 / 231-5061 in Mactan, Cebu region.

In addition to this, Scotty's customer assistance counters can be found in all our dive centers and water sport centers or by following this 5-star resorts link.

All watersports: How can I make a booking?

You may call us direct or simply use our Contact form below.

All watersports: Can I make a booking on the day of activity?

Yes, you can. But sometimes we cannot accommodate your preferred time. We strongly recommend you to make advance booking.
There are no cancellation fees.

All watersports: Can I change my booking on the day of activity?

Yes. Please check your booking before departure.

All watersports: Can I pay by card?

Yes (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB). If you are staying at Shangri-La hotel resort and spa, Movenpick hotel resort and spa, Crimson hotel resort and spa, Plantation bay resort, BE hotel resort and spa, Bellevue hotel resort and spa, Abaca hotel boutique resort and spa and the activity is done within the resort, you may charge it to your room as well.

All watersports: Should I wear swim suit before going to the watersports center?

Yes, but you can change in our restroom.

All watersports: Can I join alone?

It depends on the activities. Island excursions and tube rides are minimum of two persons. If there are no other customers you have to pay for two.
Other activities such as scuba diving, parasailing, tow sports are minimum of one person only.

SCUBA diving newsletter
parasailing ride adventures
Enjoy the sky above sea level with our parasailing ride adventures.

Parasailing: Can we get wet?

Yes you can. But if you don’t want to get wet, please let us know. We can cancel touch and go.

Parasailing: Can I bring camera up in the air?

Yes you can but if it's not water proof we recommend to leave it on land. We can take pictures for you from the boat and save them on a CD for 500 pesos.

Parasailing: What is touch and go?

While you are flying you go down slowly touching the water at about waist level.
It is very exciting.

Parasailing: Can I ride together with a friend?

Yes you can! And depending your location you can be 3 persons flying together.

Sunset cruise
Enjoy Mactan coastline in our sunset cruise.

Island excursions and tours: What should I bring?

The tour includes life jacket, snorkel set, fins, towel. We recommend to bring you own sun protection and camera.

Island excursions and tours: Can I hire the boat only for my family?

Yes, you can. You can have an exclusive boat for an extra charge. See our boat rental packages and prices.

Island excursions and tours: How long to get to the island?

These are from the hotel to the island, it depends on the weather condition and your hotel location.Below are listed few destinations as for examples from the Shangri-La hotel in Mactan, Cebu region.

  • Shangri-La hotel in Mactan to Nalusuan: 40 minutes.
  • Shangri-La hotel in Mactan to Stilt restaurant: 40 minutes.
  • Shangri-La hotel in Mactan to Pandanon island: 50 minutes.
  • Nalusuan island to pandanon island: 40 minutes.
  • Shangri-La hotel in Mactan to Bohol island: 1 hour.

Towed Flyfish
Tighten your grip on this flyfish highspeed ride.

Tow sports: What should I bring?

We have life jacket and equipment. Just wear a swim suit and bring sun protection.

Tow sports: It's my first time to try.

No need to worry. We will teach you how to enjoy the activity. With our experience you will find the water sport activity a lot more easier than you imagine.

Tow sports: Can you take pictures?

Yes we can. We can take pictures for you, from the boat and save them on a CD for 500 pesos.

SCUBA diving newsletter
Try and discover SCUBA diving
Try and discover SCUBA diving for beginners.