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Scotty's Blog: How and Why Explained in a Nutshell

Scotty's Blog Each week, we post one new article about an unusual topic. You will find no advertising, sales pitches, promotions, nor discounts here.
Simply put, the topic is something that we find interesting, informative and as surprising as possible.

The topics range broadly from wildlife (ex., cephalopods) to oddities (ex., Bohol's Chocolate Hills) to tips and explanations (ex., how to equalize your ears) and to ideas we have not thought of yet.

Expect to see science education for the whole family, as well as suggestions for amazing things to see and do.

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What is The Sinulog Festival?

Sinulog Festival Viva Pit Senyor! Have you ever heard of that phrase before? If not, then you have not been to the Cebu in its most festive time. The Sinulog Festival is one of the most awaited festival in the Philippines. People from around the world come and experience it for themselves. There are street dances, fluvial parades, and a lot more!

Are Oceans the Oxygen's Earth?

Ocean produce Earth oxygen Did you know the ocean can produce oxygen? Oceans covers 71% of the Earth. Aside from being a source of food, minerals, and recreation for humans, the ocean is a big contributor for the air we breathe. But how does oceans provide oxygen in the atmosphere? You would be surprised to know that plants and trees are not the main suppliers of oxygen!

Giant Oarfish and Sea Serpent

Giant Oarfish and Sea Serpent The Oarfish is a very mysterious and popular creature for legends and superstitions. Most people believe in the superstition that when an Oarfish is seen on the surface or on the shore, it means that an earthquake is coming. But one thing is sure about Oarfishes, as for now, the fact is that oarfishes are the longest bony fish in ocean and are not sea serpents.

Amihan and Habagat Monsoons

Amihan and Habagat Monsoons In the Philippines, the two kinds of monsoons experienced by the country each season have unique local names. Do you know the difference between Amihan and Habagat? What do these two monsoons bring? And how will it affect your vacations in the Philippines? Did you know that amihan and habagat are more than just seasonal patterns?

Brown sugar versus white sugar

Brown sugar versus white sugar When choosing between brown or white sugar, which one is healthier? Most people assume brown sugar has more nutritional value than white sugar because it looks and tastes organic. But is it true? This week we will go in deep with different types of sugar as well as their factual nutrients and values.

Goldfish Myths and Facts

Goldfish Myths and Facts Everyone knows the Goldfish as a common freshwater housepet. A lot of people keep them in a fishbowl thinking it's good enough for them to thrive. It is also a common belief that by the time the fish has circled the bowl, it has forgotten doing so. This is why people think goldfishes only have a 3-second memory. But the truth is a completely different story!

Fishing in the Philippines

Fishing in the Philippines Do you know how Filipinos fish in the Philippines? Filipinos and fishing go hand-in-hand. It is one of the most important economic activity in the Philippines. But have you ever wondered what are the fishing methods used in the country? Do you know the traditional methods to catch a fish?

The Mola Mola ocean sunfish

Mola Mola ocean sunfish A giant fish with no tail! Have you heard of the Mola Mola? The Ocean Sunfish, or the Mola Mola is one of the biggest and weirdest-looking fish in the ocean. Although an endangered species, a few can be spotted here in the Philippines! But what is a Mola Mola?

Deepest Dives and Depth Records

Deepest Dives and Depth Record Do you know what are the deepest dives made by humans and animals? Do you know that a bird can dive underwater down to 210 metres (690ft)? There are many incredible records of mammals diving down to unbelievable depths! We also explain how those incredible depths world records about humans and animals were made and why.

Why Do Your Fingers Wrinkle in Water?

Why Do Your Fingers Wrinkle in Water Do you know why your hands, feet, and fingers, get wrinkled in water? You have already experienced, after a long exposure in water, that your hands and fingers get deep wrinkles, but do you know why? There are many thoughts and theories about it, as well as long established beliefs, but what is the truth?

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