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Explained in a Nutshell

Nature, Science and Environment: How and Why Explained in a Nutshell (Page nº4)

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Boat Sides Names

Boat Side Names Do you not understand what sailors are speaking about when they say "starboard" or "port"? This time we speak about boat sides and their historic names; with nice mnemonic tips to remember which side is which.

The Uniqueness of the Tarsiers

The Uniqueness of the Tarsiers What are these adorable, palm-sized, furry animals with oversized eyes? This week, learn about the world's smallest primates, the tarsiers, and their relationship to humans.

Clownfish Myths and Facts

Clownfish Myths and Facts Have you heard the myths about the clownfish? This week, we bust these myths and discuss the true behaviors of territorial clownfishes and their host sea anemones.

How Do Octopuses Hide

How do octopuses camouflage Have you ever seen an octopus, squid, or cuttlefish appear or disappear before your very eyes? This week, we reveal why cephalopods are the masters of camouflage, and how they do it.

World Biodiversity

World Biodiversity The United Nation(U.N.) has declared that every 22 May is the International Day for Biological Diversity! At Scotty's Action Sports Network we celebrate it all year and not only on May 22nd! Check out what we are doing.

Blackwater Photography

Blackwater Photography How do you capture stunning images of strange marine life against a black background? This week, we report on our first experiment with blackwater photography.

Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Reef Restoration Project Scotty's Dive Club is helping educate school children about coral reefs, conservation, and our oceans while the students observe us planting corals in Shangri-la Marine Sanctuary.

Training 74 Scuba Divers in 2 Days

Training 74 Scuba Divers in 2 Days Do you think your group of family and friends is large? This month, find out how we trained 74 scuba divers in only 2 days.

Why You Should Try Watersports

Why You Should Try Watersports What do you get when you combine adventure with exercise, fun, family togetherness, variety, and safety? This month, read the many benefits of water sports!

Ear Clearing Tips and Tricks

Ear Clearing Tips and Tricks Have you ever changed your depth and your inner ears cannot equalize? This month, we explain how to relieve this pressure with different methods of equalizing your ears.

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