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Special internship program to become a divemaster or instructor

Professional internship program to become dive instructor or divemaster.

Our divemaster internship meets all the prerequisite dive skills, knowledge and certifications starting from advanced adventurer to your chosen level of professionalism.

We have two phases for our professional divemaster or dive instructor training. Phase 1 certifies you as a Divemaster, phase 2 is spent gaining experience as a professional. Before phase 2 you can continue your education up to Specialty Instructor, and also take the highly rated XR (Extended Range) nitrox diver course.

Professional divemaster internship program: Phase 1 operational Divemaster.

become divemaster with our internship program Our goal is to train you to become an operational Dive Master. You will learn how to excel as a dive professional, demonstrating proficiency in all aspects of recreational scuba. As a dive master trainee, you will assist our instructors on courses ranging from try scuba, open water diver, up to assisting your fellow DMT’s (Dive Master Trainer). We equip you with the skills necessary to guide certified divers of all abilities, whilst exhibiting role model professionalism.

We have a large team of professionals who will contribute to your training, with one assigned as your mentor.

We are a SSI diamond instructor training facility with three instructor trainers plus an instructor certifier, so you can be assured of the highest possible standards.

For those candidates who hold one or more of these certifications we still conduct the training to ensure proficiency of skills and knowledge retention.

We also include a minimum five dives in each of five additional specialty areas. Training comprises academic, pool and open water. You can certify in each specialty for an optional PHP 2,800 per specialty.

    In addition to specific SSI dive courses you will receive a related diving training in the following areas:

  • Safety diver training on sea trek (underwater helmet diving).
  • Equipping boats before dive trips.
  • Maintaining dive equipment.
  • Regulator repair and maintenance.
  • Guest relations.

After completing phase 1 we require you to have a full set of scuba equipment which can be purchased from us at discounted rates. Alternatively you can rent from us on a weekly basis.

Professional dive instructor internship program: Options before moving onto phase 2.

Scotty's Action Sports Network in Boracay Before moving onto phase 2 you can become a dive instructor or a dive control specialist.

Dive Control Specialist / AI (Assistant Instructor).

4 Days plus 3 days assisting an instructor.

As a Dive Control Specialist you can teach all academic segments of the open water course, introduce and evaluate students for dive skills except those involving emergency accents, and lead students during their last two open water dives. You can also issue certifications in:

  • Scuba rangers (designed to get kids under 10 years old involved in scuba).
  • Try scuba: a pool only experience.
  • Scuba skills update.
  • Perfect buoyancy specialty.

Instructor Training Course (ITC) plus IE (Instructor Exam)(10 days).

Our instructor course certifies you to teach a wide range of SSI courses. The training is intensive, but the rewards and sense of accomplishment are huge. With this you can touch the lives of hundreds of people through your enthusiasm and passion for diving.

Specialty Instructor (5 days).

Increase the range of courses you can teach, and enhance your employability by taking our five Specialty Instructor combo deal.

XR (Extended Range) nitrox diver (three days).

Highly recommended.
This is a 40 meter course, diving on optimal nitrox blends with up to 15 minutes of decompression while carrying a staged 50% O2 decompression gas. The doorway to technical diving.

Already a Dive Master..?

If so we can run an ITC (Instructor training course) plus IE (Instructor Exam) for only PHP 75,000 with the specialty instructor seminar at PHP 30,000 XR nitrox diver PHP 28,000. Successful candidates are welcome to join phase 2.

Professional divemaster and dive instructor internship program: Phase 2.

Scotty's Action Sports Network in Bohol and Panglao This is where your training is put into practice, and represents a guaranteed one month period assisting our dive staff. With dive centres in Bohol, Boracay and Cebu there is the possibility to work in one or more of these locations.

    During this time we return a portion of your course costs.

  • PHP 12,500 returned for DM (Dive Master).
  • PHP 15,000 returned for Dive Control Specialist.
  • PHP 25,000 returned for Instructor.

Attendance is 8:30am to 4:30pm, six days a week. As part of your continuous training you will regularly take part in discussions led by your fellow professionals such as:

Benefits of becoming a dive professional with Scotty’s.

Our desire is to build a long term relationship with you, and for the right candidate we offer a long term contract at the end of the internship. The position may be where you took your training, or one of the other two islands where we are located. You can also request to split phase 2 between more than one of our dive shops.

As a technical diving facility we offer significant discounts on our tec diving courses for our interns. 

Inclusive in our professional program.

  • Visa expenses covered during phase 2.
  • SSI professional membership until end of year.
  • Uniform (polo shirt).
  • Unlimited diving during your training.
  • Negotiated accommodation rates at nearby apartments.
  • Discount on retail, water sports and diving for friends and family.
  • Free use of wetsuit, booties, fins, bc, and regulators during phase 1.
  • Scotty’s Action Sports Network branded rash guard and mask strap.

We’ve removed the hassle of buying your own dive gear with a choice of two packages containing everything you need to be a professional. One includes, bcd, regulators, mask, fins, wetsuit and dive computer. The other switches the bcd for a backplate and harness, with upgraded regulators. Details upon request.

Requirements for enrollment into phase 1.

  • Certified as open water (we cannot run this course if not).
  • Receive medical clearance.
  • Own a personal mask, snorkel and dive computer.

Related costs.

Payment is on day one (cash or credit card), Paypal, or bank transfer prior to arrival.  This covers all costs related to your professional training and SSI membership.  In case you are unable to complete phase 1, we are happy to evaluate ongoing costs and repay excess amount.

We can suggest accommodation with negotiated rates starting at PHP 7,000 per month, water and electricity around PHP 1,000 per month. Budget PHP 100 per meal if eating in locally. Transportation to and from work starting at PHP 10 each way.

These costs represent a budget lifestyle. Eating in nice restaurants, drinking beer, visits to the cinema, etc. will significantly increase costs.  We recommended you take the time to fully plan your budget for the duration of the internship to assess feasibility. We are happy to assist in your budget planning.

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