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The best scuba diving spots and diving destination in the Philippines.

You dream to dive with whalesharks? Stop to dream and dive with us!

You are an underwater photographer? We will show you the best diving places.

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Scuba diving holidays and scuba destinations

SCUBA diving holidays at Scotty's dive center Nothing deepens the fun than scuba diving, and Scuba Diving in the Philippines will be one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime!

The Philippines is in the middle of the most biodiverse underwater realm on Earth with more than 1,000 species of marine life, and near 500 species of corals. There are hundreds of World War II wrecks to explore and legendary reef systems to dive... over and over again.

    “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean.
    Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.”

       - Dave Barry

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Just within minutes from your arrival at Mactan-Cebu, Panglao-Bohol or Boracay, your vacation is a bliss, but diving with us at Scotty’s will indeed take you to paradise.

Bring over your family and friends, even your young ones, can enjoy this magical experience in scuba diving as we will cater your diving training with our most trusted and experts in the underwater field. Expect a 5-star service that you deserve and ten times the fun as you will be diving into the warm waters of the Philippines.

Scotty’s dive center will never fail with your scuba diving experience as we provide varieties of high-quality dive courses for the last 30 years and you can’t go wrong with our team of experts and guides wherever you want to dive.

Whale shark diving in Oslob.

Whale-sharks diving Put a check mark on your bucket list! Because diving or swimming with whale-sharks is not an option at Scotty's, your dream swimming or diving alongside with the largest fish (whale sharks) in the sea can be experienced just within Cebu!

Our SCUBA diving travel destinations.

SCUBA diving travel destinations Diving destinations: Dive with the variety of our scuba diving travel destination where you will be amazed by the myriads of school of fishes of Mactan, Cebu, plunged into the depths of the seas and its diving sites of Bohol and journey into the vast underwater corals world of Boracay only here with Scotty’s Action Sports Network, your first travel destination.

Your SCUBA diving vacations.

SCUBA diving vacations It is a great choice to take your scuba diving vacation in the Philippines as it has more than 7107 tropical islands, clear warm waters, amazing marine life and untouched marine sanctuaries with breathtaking flora and fauna that makes the Philippines a scuba diver’s paradise and home of marine biodiversity site during your diving travel vacation.

SCUBA diving safaris.

SCUBA diving safaris Scotty’s Action Sports Network can offer lots of scuba diving safari tours in which Philippines is rich of scuba diving sites and a true paradise for scuba divers as it is wealthy of biodiversely rich oceans, and offers wide variety of dive safari. The Philippines boasts a hundreds of scuba diving safaris lying along its waters and we can help you arrange for your scuba diving safari adventures.

Our SCUBA diving packages.

Our SCUBA diving packages Scuba diving in the Philippines are available all year round and we have multiple packages offered for you and your scuba diving needs. Take your family and friends as we have scuba diving packages for beginners, fun dives for experienced divers and multiple packages and combos to suit your scuba diving taste.

Scotty's SCUBA fun dive price list.

SCUBA diving price list At Scotty's dive center, we hide nothing, here is our SCUBA diving price list. From a single fun dive to multiple dive per day and SCUBA diving packages as our technical fun dive prices.

Try and Discover Scuba Diving

Try and Discover Scuba Diving Experience to breathe underwater as you discover Scuba diving with our team of experts. It takes around one hour of breifing and explanations, then you will enjoy diving with fishes in a safe waters.

Scuba Diving for Children

Scuba Diving for Children At Scotty's dive center, you can start young at 5 years old! You children can experience their first dive at a pool. Have them a taste of Scuba for 15 minutes or let them enjoy Scuba diving for an hour on our bubblemaker program.

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SCUBA diving destinations
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