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Dive with sea turtles at Balicasag Island

The Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary is a dive site

Balicasag Island is a marine sanctuary near Bohol

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Balicasag Island is a diving sanctuary for sea turtles

Balicasag Island diving place Balicasag island is well known for its turtles watching. Balicasag is also a marine sanctuary at 20 - 30 minutes by boat from Panglao Island (Bohol) depending your location on Panglao. This island is known for being an island tour and excursion attraction, as well as snorkeling and scuba-diving.

Balicasag is a small island off the coast of Panglao at 9 kilometers (less than 5 nautical miles) heading to the 248° on the compass from the BE Grand resort hotel, in Bohol.
This tiny island is 600 meters in diameter with white sand beach all around and many seafood restaurants on the land.
As a reference, Balicasag Island is lying in the south of Panglao at 30 minutes by boat from Alona beach.

Diving in Balicasag is a must to do; it is a marine sanctuary where you can dive with turtles all the day.
You will dive with a school of turtles and fishes like mackerels or barracudas, and so.
Beginner divers will enjoy too, as there is all around Balicasag a plateau between 6 to 18 meters (20 to 60 feet) before the drop of the wall.

Diving at the different dive sites of Balicasag island.

Balicasag island has many diving spots and sites all around it. The underwater landscape has numerous shapes and various forms, with a vast marine biodiversity.

You will encounter a school of jacks, a lot of barracudas, eels, and morays as well as many other colorful species of fish, hard and soft corals, plants and much more.
But for sure you will be very closed to the sea turtles which are swimming almost everywhere around Balicasag.

Due to the extrem popularity of the turtles in Balicasag, diving boats, and island hopping boats are limited in number! A reservation, at least 24h before, in our dive center (or online reservation), is necessary to be able to dive at the Balicasag island.

  • 3 dives around Balicasag.
  • Duration: all the day.
  • O2 tank (oxygen cylinder)and equipments plus a first aid kit.
  • We always carry a spare dive equipment and a diving gear toolbox.
  • Communication device in case of emergency.

What will you see at Balicasag during your dives?

Diving at Balicasag Many different kinds of marine life! Yes, the biodiversity is fabulous around this island.
For example, bellow are few dive sites you can dive around Balicasag during you day trip with a short description of what you will see underwater.

  • The black forest dive site:
    Is known for its steep slope down to 40 metres (130 feet) deep. This dive site might be the most famous among divers, because of the abundant black corals, a must to see there.
  • The Cathedral Wall dive site:
    Is called cathedral because of the light reflecting inside a cracked cavern alike along the wall, you will also encounter a school of jacks and much more schools of fish.
  • The diver’s haven dive site:
    Is a place where you will see differents kind of fishes and numerous different species of corals and plants.
  • The royal garden diving site:
    A shallower dive site at around 18 meters (60 feet) where you will find plants that turtles feed on, many shoals and school of colored fishes, a coral garden alike on the plateau.
  • The turtle point dive site:
    This is the primary purpose for snorkeling and scuba-diving in Balicasag! You will get very closed to the many turtles all around. Those turtles are not afraid with closed encounter though, be careful not to touch them.

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