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Why traveling with your heavy scuba diving gears?

Travel lighter and cheaper as you rent our equipment.

We maintain all our rental scuba diving gears and equipments.

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Our scuba diving gears rental and prices of equipment to rent.

Scuba diving gear rental We maintain ourselves our rental scuab diving gears and any other equipments, which means we are sure about the quality of our diving gears we will provide to you!

At Scotty's Dive Center, our staff is trained to maintain our scuba diving gears as well as providing assistance and help to choose the best equipment suited for you.

Why traveling heaving with all your diving gears in your luggage, which is a lot more expensive by airplane, when you can go light and rent our scuba gears, fully maintained every month.

Do your own calculation! Take a look at our rental prices (or our dive packages), then ask any airline how much is the coast for your ticket with the over heavy luggage.
Surprise: it's cheaper to rent the scuba diving gears at our dive centers!

Mactan and Cebu scuba diving gear to rent and equipment's rental.

Cebu and Mactan scuba diving equipments rental In our Scotty's Dive Center facility in Mactan you can rent any equipment from a recreational scuba diving gear and equipment to extrem technical diving like 6 decompression tanks (cylinders) with the full technical gear for example, and you can even choose between sidemount and backmount diving equipments to rent.

Snorkeling at the beach or during an island tour ? No problem!
We have mask, snorkel, and fins for rental if it is not included in your chosen package.

Dive computers, bottom timer, and underwater cameras are also for rental in our facilities if you need.

Sorry we are on going with the new adjusted prices.

Boracay scuba diving rental gears and the equipment's location.

Boracay diving gears rental prices

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Bohol and Panglao scuba diving rental gears and the equipment to rent.

Bohol and Panglao rental diving gears prices

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SCUBA diving courses
We also certify PADI and SSI SCUBA diving courses and specialties.

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