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The best scuba dive sites and diving places in Boracay

Our selective list of the best dive sites in Boracay

Map of the best diving site in Bohol and Panglao There is a lot of dive sites in Boracay! If some are for the beginner scuba divers, and some are for the more experienced divers, all the dive sites in Boracay are within the 30 minute ride by boat as Boracay island is not big.

Because we are diving in the tropical waters (warm waters), all the dive sites are just around us in Boracay. But, we should say that all these dive sites are not the most remarkable ones.

At Scotty's Action Sports Network, we have dove every single official dive site of Boracay, and we have discovered many beautiful dive sites which are not so near but are worthy of diving.

These exceptional dive sites can take up to one hour with our speedboat to reach them, that's why we offer a day trip diving safari for these dive places, where we usually do three dives on different sites and go back before dusk.

Scotty's Dive Center, do some diving expeditions and dive safaris for 1 full day and more on a regular basis. The purpose is to discover new stunning diving sites other than the average dive sites in Boracay. That's why we have in our dive sites' list some diving safaris for one day or even more.

Our best SCUBA diving sites in Boracay.

Below is a list of our official dive sites in Boracay, as well as the best diving sites around Boracay. We can also organize some dive safaris just for you; like a day diving safaris at the Maniguin Island (Maniguin Island) where stunning dives await you.

We have a scheduled boat daily to bring you to the dive sites around Boracay Island (which are free). Plus if you want to dive in a particular location, you can contact us to rent a boat for your needs.

For the day trip diving safaris, we are usually leaving early in the morning (depending on your dive destination) with 2 to 3 dives on the site and return to the hotel before dusk.

Hinugtan is a diving day safari.

The Hinugtan diving sites Dive into a fantastic underwater world as you dive at the Hinugtan’s dive place composed of many diving sites. Dive into the vivacious underwater scenery along a wall full of sea fans and gorgonians, a forest of corals and many different kinds of schools of fish. You can dive 2 times for a day trip or just one time for a half day journey.

The Angol point dive site.

Angol point dive site One of the excellent diving destinations in Boracay and mainly suggested for beginners and training in scuba diving is the Angol point, for it has a shallow, easy reef dive going from 10 meters (33 feet) to 15 meters (50 feet) deep. Angol point is also the right spot for those who like to take and enhance macro underwater photography since the visibility is excellent and the marine sanctuary is full of life and flourishing with colors. Highly recommended for night dives also.

Diving at the Tulubhan reef.

Tulubhan reef dive One of the shallow diving destinations in Boracay, the Tulubhan reef, is also well-known for having a slow and steady flow of current, making it an amazing and comfortable diving experience. The Tulubhan reef is located beside the Laguna de Boracay dive spot where its starting depth starts at 5 meters (15 feet) and goes down to 20 meters (65 feet). It is accessible by a 15 to 20 minute boat ride or via swimming from the shore.

Punta Bunga diving site.

Punta Bunga dive site Located beside the Yapak diving destinations and the Balinghai wall, Punta Bunga is another accessible diving destination from the shores of Boracay. Punta Bunga is advised for beginners and training scuba divers. Punta Bunga can be reached via a 15-minute boat ride from boat station 1. With its calm waters, you will dive into a unique experience and will allow you to absorb and enjoy the underwater sceneries.

Maniguin island diving safari.

Maniguin island dive place The Maniguin island is at 1 hour with an average of 25 knots (47-48 km/h) by boat (with our boats) from Boracay. With a local bangka boat, it can take more than 4 hours. This is a day dive safari, so prepare yourself to be astonished first by the underwater visibility which is more than 30 meters (100 feet) and by the unusually rich biodiversity like the big napoleon fish (AKA Humphead wrasse), manta rays and other kinds of rays, school of barracudas, trevally fishes, school of jacks and so on.

Yapak-1 and Yapak-2 dive sites.

Yapak 1 and Yapak 2 dive place The Yapak dive sites are located at the west-north end of Boracay and just near the Punta Bunga diving site area. A 15-minute boat ride from stations 1 and 2 can take you to Yapak dive sites. Yapak sites are separated walls which span at 30 meters (100 feet) going down to 70 meters (230 feet). The walls can be split into four different dives. This dive site is known for mild to strong currents.

Laguna de Boracay dive site.

Laguna de Boracay dive The Laguna de Boracay is a diving destination that is located in the eastern part of the island of Boracay. This dive site is well-suited and recommended for both advanced and beginner scuba divers. With a depth ranging from 5 meters to 20 meters, the visibility of the marine life is not bad, and the area is accessible with a slow current flowing. Laguna de Boracay can be reached via the shores.

The Balinghai dive site.

The Balinghai dive site The Balinghai dive site is located right inbetween the Punta Bunga and the Diniwid dive sites and just a 10-minute boat ride from the shores of Boracay Boat Station one and two. The dive site consists of two walls that are positioned parallel. The two walls have a different minimum and maximum depth, and both have different marine biodiversity.

The Virgin drop dive site.

The Vigin drop dive site The Virgin drop dive site is just a 15-minute boat ride from the Boat Station one or two in the Boracay's shores. The dive site has a long wall that goes on and on with many crevices and cracks where you will see the marine life hiding away from the rest of the marine population, a lot of shoal of fish are hanging around though.

Coral garden in Boracay.

Coral garden dive site Coral Garden might be one of the most popular diving sites in Boracay. The Coral Garden got its name from the hard corals that are forming in the reef, especially Cabbage corals. It is located right in the center of the west coast of Boracay and is accessible by boat from station 1 and station 2. This dive site is ideal for beginners in scuba diving and for those who just want to snorkel around. The sea in this area is just calm and clear; it's also a popular fish-feeding area.

The Crocodile island dive place.

Crocodile island dive site Crocodile Island is an uninhabited island that looks like a crocodile from afar when you go from the west south of Boracay. Crocodile Island is one of the main attractions of Boracay and a usual island hopping tour for snorkeling since it is just 5 to 10 minutes away from Boracay. Crocodile Island has a vigorous current which is perfect for a drift dive with also a pretty good visibility most of the time. Crocodile Island is known as a four-star dive site in Boracay.

Channel drift diving site.

The Channel drift The Channel drift dive site is located in Boracay Island and the Aklan mainland. It takes 15 to 30 minutes by boat to reach the dive site. It is also known as the Channel steps by the locals in Boracay. This dive site is like a coral garden, full of flora and fauna and you will find amazing rock formations, hard and soft corals and school of fishes such as batfish, sweetlips, snappers, and stingrays.

Diving around Laurel island.

Laurel island dive site Laurel Island is situated just behind the Crocodile Island dive site and from the shores of Boracay. It will take 45 minutes to an hour to get to the island by boat. Laurel Island is divided to two dive sites: the Laurel Island and the Laurel tunnel. Both diving destinations are quite close to each other and can make a perfect island tour worth diving. Currents may stay quite moderate, but it is always advisable to be a little more experienced in drift diving so that you can enjoy and be safe in this fun diving destination.

The Camia II shipwreck dive site.

The Camia shipwreck dive site The Camia shipwreck dive site is one of the premiere diving destinations in Boracay, and it is situated between Virgin drop and Coral Garden diving destinations. A 30-meter long cargo boat was sunk in January 2001 as a fish attraction device, and it developed as an artificial reef. Now, it is being resided by large red bass, a school of bluefin trevallies, scorpionfishes and a school of batfish.

The Friday's rock diving spot.

Friday's rock dive site Friday's Rock covers two dive sites: the Friday's Reef which is 7 to 12 meters (23 to 40 feet), and the Friday's Rock which is 12 to 18 meters (40 to 60 feet) deep. It is a known fish-feeding station and mostly anticipated by underwater photographers as they can capture close-up photos of emperor fish, triggerfishes, red bass, scorpion fish and surgeon fishes. Butterflyfishes and batfishes can be sighted too. Amazing kinds of soft and hard coral formations are also covering the sea beds of both Friday's rock and Friday's reef.

Full moon diving.

Full moon diving Full moon diving is a unique night dive experience. We do full moon diving in all our dive centers. Wherever it is in Boracay, Bohol, Panglao or Mactan and Cebu, full moon diving in the tropical waters is a must to try. Check out our full moon calendar to see when it will be the full moon; you can dive with a full moon around two days before, and 2 to 3 days after the given day on the calendar.

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