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The Balinghai dive site consist of two walls parallel from each other.

The Balinghai dive site is covered with hard and soft corals.

The two walls of the Balinghai dive site are made of different tropical corals.

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The Balinghai dive site in Boracay has a parallel wall.

The Balinghai dive site The Balinghai dive site is located between the Punta Bunga and the Diniwid dive sites, Balinghai is also at 10 minutes by boat ride from the shores of Boracay's station one and two.
The dive site consist of two walls that are positioned parallel from each other. The two walls have different minimum and maximum depth and both have different species of corals and plants.

The shallower wall has more crevices and cracks where critters and fishes are hiding and swimming around. You will find lionfish, triggerfish, anthias, pufferfish, bannerfish, angelfish swimming arounf these cracks on the wall. It's also very common to sigth morays, eels, scorpionfish as well as angelfish and gobbies at the Belinghai dive site.
The deep wall, in Balinghai, is housing tuna, some blue spotted stingrays and white tips sharks.
The whole diving site is covered with hard and soft corals such as leather and table corals. Many species of sponges and gorgonians are also living there.

Why do you need to dive at the Balinghai diving site?

Balinghai dive site The deeper part of the wall, in Balinghai, goes down to around 40 metres (130 feet). This part of Balinghai looks more like a sloped reef than a wall. Even if most of the time you will stay around 30 metres (100 feet) you will need to have a good buoyancy due to the ascending and descending currents depending the tides.
If you go to Balinghai early in the morning to the medium and deeper part (Nitrox recommended for a NDL longer bottom time), you will be able to see some eagle rays, specially if there is a quite strong current at the same time, white tips sharks can be spotted too during the morning dive.

What will you see at the Balinghai dive site?

A parallel wall is quite rare to dive around the world, jut to feel and see this double wall, is a good reason to dive at the Balinghai dive site.
But Balinghai is also housing a lot of marine life, its biodiversity is a must to see!
The 2 walls are covered with colorful corals, differents species of sponges, many kind of gorgonians.
Balinghai is a home of shoal of fishes like the blue triggerfish, groupers, school of jacks, stingrays and sharks.
The two walls are housing all the usual tropical reef's fishes, pufferfish, frogfish, eels and morays, bannerfish, angelfish and so on.

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