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Island Tours

Island Tours in Bohol, Boracay and Cebu

Island Tours in Bohol, Boracay, and Cebu The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,000 unique islands. If you stay on only one of the main islands of Boracay, Cebu, or Bohol, you will miss out on more than 99.9% of them! As a result, most local and foreign tourists go “island hopping,” and go on tours of surrounding islands.

You will find not only unique landscapes and unique seascapes, but also unique structures and unique activities.

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Boracay Island Tours:

Boracay is the Philippines’ top tourist destination. There is much to do on Boracay, but there is even more to do on its surrounding islands. Go to Laurel Island to do macro photography or ask about the legend of Laking Landos on Sibay Island.

Eat coconut crabs on the Caluya Islands or go cliff diving at Ariel’s Point in Buruanga, Aklan. Check out the historic lighthouse on Maniguin Island (less than 2 hours from Boracay), or explore the namesake caves of Crystal Cove Island. Furthermore, you can see why Crocodile Island is unique without even stepping foot on the island!

Cebu Island Tours:

Cebu is rich in Philippines history. From politics to religion, it all started here. But, venture beyond the historic landmarks and discover so much more.

Swim with whale sharks near Oslob or explore a wreckage at Talima. Eat at a stilt restaurant in Caw-oy after a morning island tour of the Pandanon Island ruins. Photograph the fish nursery at Santa Rosa and observe the gentle thresher sharks at Tingo Point. Furthermore, go snorkeling at the internationally-recognized marine sanctuary at Sumilon Island.

Bohol Island Tours:

Bohol is the Philippines’ 10th largest island. Although it has Tarsiers, the Chocolate Hills, and 1,400 caves, it also has 75 surrounding islands to explore. Go dolphin watching on your way to Virgin Island or see why another name for Cervera Shoal is “Snake Island.”

Don’t miss swimming alongside the human-sized sea turtles at Balicasag Island, and definitely don’t miss the Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef! One of only six double barrier reefs in the entire world, marine life in the Pacific Ocean evolved at the Danajon Bank!

Bohol Island Tours

So much to do around Bohol! You can do it all around Bohol Island: island tours, boat tours, snorkeling tours and many other activities.

Boracay Island Tours

Boracay is a Top Tourist Destination. A Boracay Island tour package can include these island tours, boat tours, special events, and other activities. See why Boracay is the top tourist destination in the Philippines.

Balicasag Island Tours

Swim With Sea Turtles at the Balicasag Island. You won't believe the size of these gentle sea turtles, unless you go on an island hopping excursion to Balicasag Island.

Cabilao Island Tours

High visibility defined while snorkeling at Cabilao. This is one of the thing about Cabilao Island that you cannot match on any other island tour.

Cebu Island Tours

Cebu is the Tourism Center of the Visayas! Cebu Province is the hub of many island tours and boat tours, as well as all type of sunset cruise in the Visayas, the central region of the Philippines.

Cuatro Islas Tours

Uncrowded Snorkeling and gorgeous beaches at Cuatro Islas. These are the conditions you can expect on your island tour of Cuatro Islas, an uncommon tourist destination.

Mactan Island Tours

Mactan Island is a Historic Resort Island. From Mactan Island, you may tour dozens of surrounding tropical islands. Mactan is also the home of the second largest international airport in the Philippines.

Olango Island Tours

An Olango Island tour package should include these excellent snorkeling sites, because of these unique features. Olango Island is also know for its migratory bird watching and snorkeling tour marine sanctuary.

Panglao Island Tours

Panglao Island is a province of Bohol. These package tours all have one thing in common. They all start from Panglao Island. Panglao is a hub for Island Hopping all around in the region.

Sumilon Island Tours

Sumilon Island is the very first marine sanctuary in the Philippines. The only way to see the very first one of these in the Philippines is to go on an island hopping tour to Sumilon Island.

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