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Sumilon Island Tour

Sumilon Island White Sandbar

Sumilon Island Hopping

Sumilon Island Hopping and Tour

Sumilon Island Sumilon Island is a boat away through crystal clear blue-green waters from Oslob.

The name of the 24-hectare (59-acre) island comes from the word for a storm shelter, or sumilon. Fishermen have used Sumilon Island's caves for protection from storms and typhoons.

We will travel in the morning, stop in Oslob to snorkel with whale-sharks, and then your Scotty's guide will take you to the restaurant on Sumilon that we highly recommend. Enjoy your meal with views of the beautiful mangrove forest.

Sumilon Island: Whale Sharks, a Marine Sanctuary, and a Sand Bar

Part of the Sumilon Island experience is getting there and back. Fishermen feed the whale sharks to keep them coming back. Thus, you are likely to encounter whale sharks along the way. You may even witness this feeding.

Sumilon Island hosts the Philippines' first designated marine protected area. The government established it in 1974. This marine sanctuary has earned international recognition, in fact. You will find high visibility, spectacular coral reefs, and incredible marine biodiversity. You may even find yourself swimming or snorkeling in strong currents with sharks.

Another main attraction of Sumilon Island is its sand bar. It tends to shift around the southeastern side of this tropical island. Thus, if you visit Sumilon Island at different times of the year, the sand bar may be in different places.

Your Sumilon Island, Cebu Excursion

Sumilon Island Excursion Whale shark watching and snorkeling can be an entire island tour. Sumilon Island, though, offers so much more. Activities include:

  • birdwatching doves, night herons, starlings, and sunbirds
  • climbing the lighthouse for a 360° view
  • eating lechon kawali (tender inside, crispy outside pork)
  • exploring the 19th-century, quadrilateral Spanish watchtower (Punta Baluarte) ruins
  • feeding fishes
  • hiking along the cliffs
  • kayaking the natural mangroves
  • participating in various water sports
  • picnicking
  • snorkeling the lagoon
  • spelunking Yamashita Cave
  • sunbathing on pristine white sand beaches
  • swimming along the white sand bar
  • trekking the beginner, moderate, or advanced fitness trails
  • visiting Our Lady of Fatima Grotto (rock shelter with Virgin Mary statue)
  • walking through the tree park
  • wandering around to the undeveloped north side beach

If you enjoy learning history, be sure to visit the watchtower. Built in the 19th century, it was one node of a defensive network. Its mission was to provide warning versus muslim attacks.

Sumilon Island Tour Rates

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