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All the fishing rods for your game fish adventures.

Sport fishing adventures on our comfortable boat.

Deep sea fishing: Catch the biggest fish you can.

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Game fish or sport fishing with our deep sea fishing adventures.

Choose your boat (Scotty's 2, the Rainbow Runner or any other you would like from our fleet) and get ready for a big catch with our game fish and sport fishing programs.

The fun never stops as you could also have your fishing adventures with us. We will take care of the equipment for you, and you do the rest. You will gain a whole new appreciation for fresh seafood after you participate in deep-sea fishing.

Cast your line into the deep blue waters and catch your fish. Never miss to pull in yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, mackerel, trevally and even jackfish.
Go after the big ones and you might get yourself into something more rewarding that you could add our sport fishing adventures to your resume of your life. Enjoy this festive activity with your family as take a picture of your catch of the day, freshly filleted and ready for the barbecue in this game fish tour!

Sportfishing (game fish) packages and prices.

sport fishing Scotty's also offering you to have our Rainbow Runner be taken for a game fish and put your fishing skills to the test.

A half day sports fishing is approximately 4 hours, of game fish.

We do also have the full day package, which is approximately around 7 hours of game fish.

Game fishing in the deep sea prices and rates

game fish

Sport fishing / Game fishing half day.

You can fish around four hours.

  • Price: PHP 40,000 with the Rainbow Runner.
  • Plus fuel consumption.
  • Sport fishing and Game fishing for a full day.

    You can fish for an approximated time of seven hours.

    Like all the activities at Scotty's, drinking water, towels and lockers are included, as well as a five-star service.

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