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Have fun while skiing towed by a boat on a waterski.

Rush through the waves with our waterski packages.

Learn waterskiing and improve your waterski skills.

Waterski: Skiing on the water.

waterski skiing Be part of this popular watersports and ski your way on the water to the roaring depths of the ocean! Water skiing gives you the thrill of riding the waves behind a motorboat. Take a leap, rush in jumping waves and stay on your feet as the ski splashes on the water. Bring over the gang in this family-oriented sport and race on the ski above the depths of the sea as the fun continues while the sun shines.

Strengthened your body as the fun will pull you away. Ride on the waterski and rush in to the waves as you are taking your soul in this marvelous watersport that you surely dont wanna miss.

Hold on tight on your tow rope as your speed boat will pull you and experience skiing in a calm or rushing waters and experience the greatness in this extreme watersport that you and your family will surely enjoy. Put your snow skiing skills to the test as you drive yourself in the water with your water ski and show off your freestyle tricks to everyone.

Mactan and Cebu waterski ride packages and prices.

Water ski price Ride on the waterski and jump to the waves as your soul drives in this exciting watersport that you and your family will enjoy.

Splash through the waves for this waterski package and ride the waves of fun in water skiing. For PHP 4,500 per person, you can enjoy this activity for 30 minutes. A maximum of 3 person can enjoy this activity.

    Waterski price list:

  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Price: 4,500 PHP.
  • Maximum of 3 persons.

Boracay waterskiing packages and prices.

Waterskiing package and prices Dont miss these waterskiing packages which is much popular here in Boracay. Soak in and ride the waves of the clear blue seas in Philippines as you step up in waterskiing.

Get into the waterskiing fun for PHP 8,500 for an hour and you could bring in 2 of your friends with you, PHP 5,000 for 30 minutes of exciting ride with your pair or PHP 3,500 for 15 minutes on your solo waterski ride.

Still new to this exhilarating watersport which is waterski? Learn waterski with our lessons from us for just PHP 1,000 per person and ride with the waves in no time.

    Waterski price list.

  • Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Price: 3,500 PHP.
  • Good for 1 person only.
  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Price: 5000 PHP.
  • Maximum of 2 persons.
  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Price: 8,500 PHP.
  • Maximum of 3 persons.
  • Waterskiing instructor, required for beginners.
  • Price: 1,000 PHP per lesson.

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