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Windsurfing: Glide with the wind on a windsurf board across oceans and waves.

Learn to use a windsurf with our windsurfing courses.

Go beyond the waves with a windsurf at full speed.

Have a lot of fun windsurfing in the Philippines.

There’s no better way to experience the sheer energy in the waves of the sea than windsurfing. You will need strength and a lot of balance to windsurf, just like riding a bicycle, you are sure to lose your balance a few times before you master the skill of staying on the windsurf. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll glide on your windsurf, with the wind across the gleaming oceans and its waves.

Get to experience propelling by the wind over the water on windsurfing. Ride with the wind and glide with the waves and race through tropical waters with your friends and family in this watersport. Move on to experience the unending thrills of windsurfing for those who love extreme watersports ride.

Swirl across the ocean, sail across the sea and rush on the waves with style. Being at the beach and in the water riding waves, that is surely fun to do under the heat of the sun. Windsurfing is a combination of sailing and surfing and it is an excellent way to explore the harbour and go fast on the water. Feel the thrill and the fun on your windsurf race or just scream along the rushing waves.

Windsurfing prices and windsurf rentals.

Wind surfing Windsurfing prices may vary with our local partners. Please contact us through our Email support or call us for more information.

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