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Grab a paddle and take control of your tropical island tour!

Rent a kayak and feel like an explorer!

Paddle out to sea and enjoy the views!

Paddle Boats and Kayaking Tours

Bring your waterproof camera, grab a paddle, and take control of your tropical island tour!

Kayaks (also "qajac" or "canoe") come in many varieties. Longer lengths are faster, but shorter lengths are more maneuverable. Shorter lengths are also easier to transport. Wider is more stable, but narrower is better for challenging conditions. Higher sides allow for more weight, but lower sides ease paddling. Lower sides also allow for shorter paddles, which are easier on your shoulders. Also, certain models allow skilled paddlers to roll (capsize then right) their kayaks.

There are also "sit-on-top" kayaks that, as the name indicates, you sit on top of. There are also kayaks with air chambers, twin hulls, foot pedals, electric motors, and gas engines.

Traditional kayaks have only one cockpit, with one seat for one paddler. We also have comfortable tandem kayaks that fit two. Whichever model you prefer, you can choose your color!

Paddle Boat and Kayaking Tour Rates

paddle boats and kayaking tours

    Kayak rates may vary with our local partners. Please contact us through our:

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