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I believe I can fly... on a Flyfish!

Was the banana boat ride too gentle? Try a Flyfish ride!

Scotty's Flyfish: the Ultimate Thrill Ride

A Flyfish is a Flying Banana Boat!

A Flyfish is an aerial banana boat (water sled). The difference between the two is that a Flyfish has 3 large main tubes, instead of only 1 or 2. The high speeds that a Flyfish achieves cause this wider watercraft to take flight. Higher and higher speeds mean greater and greater heights. Hold on tight, because you can reach heights many meters above the water surface!

After you climb on board, a high speed boat will begin to pull your Flyfish via a towing cable. While still on the surface of the water, it will feel like you are riding a wild horse. As you go faster, buoyancy gives way to hydrodynamic force. At that point, you are planing. As you go even faster, hydrodynamic force gives way to aerodynamic force. At that point, your Flyfish is acting like an airplane wing and you are flying!

This all happens fast! While a banana boat ride may take some time before you test your grip strength, a Flyfish ride can test it in seconds. A banana boat ride gives you a choice to slow down and enjoy the breeze and splashing, but a Flyfish ride is all sport.

Challenge yourself, your family, and your friends to stay on board the entire ride! Bring your best waterproof camera and record the experience! Flyfish rides get rough, but they are safe. Everyone wears a life jacket and no one gets left behind.

Mactan and Cebu Flyfish Rates

Flyfish If you can stay on board a Flyfish for a full 15-minute ride, try to stay on board for a full 30-minute ride! Once we have at least 2 riders, we'll be on our way!

    Flyfish Rates:

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Rate: 1,800 PHP per person
  • Minimum: 2 riders
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Rate: 2,700 PHP per person
  • Minimum: 2 riders

Boracay Flyfish Rates

Flyfish Our Flyfish rides in Boracay last 15 minutes. We can accommodate from 2 to 6 riders at a time. Who can stay on board the longest?

    Flyfish Rates:

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Rate: 2,000 PHP per person
  • Minimum: 2 riders
  • Per Additional Rider:

  • Rate: 1,250 PHP per person
  • Maximum: 6 riders

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