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Flyfish rides: The best fun to fly towed by a boat.

Slow or fast, try a flyfish ride at Scotty's watersports center.

The best of the fun is a flyfish boat ride at Scotty's.

Flyfish is a water sled boat towed ride adventure.

A must try marine sport activity is the towed flyfish ride as you will be riding an inflated rubber "flying" boat with "wing", which is pulled by a speed boat, and dashes its way against the wind sweeping and lift up your ride.

Ridind a flyfish is like riding a wild horse over the water. So hold on tight! Otherwise you will fall and splash in the water (alot like that too).

The greater the speed, the higher the flyfish boat flies. Get wet and wild in this unique and exciting adventure that you can share with your family and friends.

Let the fun goes on as the speed boat goes faster, the excitement grows as its will lift you up and flew high and fast in this flyfish ride. Feel the thrill and excitement in flyfish adventures as the ocean breeze blows you higher and watch the view of fun and exhilarating ride that anyone can enjoy.

Mactan Cebu flyfish ride prices.

Flyfish ride Get into the wild with our flyfish rides, and don’t lose your grip as we will fly your way to this fun ride of the Flyfish. The fun starts at PHP 1,800 per person for a 15 minutes of flyfish boat ride.

If you want a lot more fun, for PHP 2,700 per person you will fly for a 30 minutes crazy flyfish boat ride, for you and for your friends. A minimum of 2 persons is required to ride on a flyfish boat.

    Flyfish price list:

  • Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Price: 1,800 PHP per person.
  • Minimum of 2 persons.
  • Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Price: 2,700 PHP per person.
  • Minimum of 2 persons.

Boracay Flyfish Ride Prices

Flyfish ride boat Enjoy an exciting flyfish ride while being pulled by a speedboat while riding a huge inflatable flyfish with your friends and family, and expect to be blown away as it flies up as the speedboat goes faster.
Get into this wild ride and keep on holding on, the flyfish boat, as you dont want to be left behind.

Take a flyfish boat ride for PHP 2,000 per person with a minimum of 2 person and bring more of your friends as the extra person will pay PHP 1,250 only (a maximum of 6 persons for this 15 minutes wild fly fish ride).

    Flyfish price list:

  • Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Price: 2,000 PHP per person.
  • Minimum of 2 persons.
  • Additional flyfish boat rider:

  • Price: 1,250 PHP per person.
  • Maximum rider is 6 persons.

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