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Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing: Learn Extreme Water Sports From Our Instructors

Our Instructors Have Something to Teach All Experience Levels, From Beginner to Advanced

Boracay is the Best Place in Asia for Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing

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Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing: Extreme Water Sports

Imagine jumping as high as 28.6 meters (94 feet), flying for as long as 22 seconds, or speeding as fast as 57 knots (105 km/h or 66 mph)! These are record heights, times, and speeds, but they show this water sport's potential. In fact, the current Guinness distance record is 465 nautical miles (862 kilometers). And, for a team, the record is 869 nautical miles (1,185 kilometers). Use a GPS to record your personal bests!

Considered an extreme sport, kiteboarding combines elements of at least 7 other sports. As you stand on a kiteboard, a power kite pulls you. Kitesurfing, then, is kiteboarding along waves, like surfing with kite propulsion. In total, there are at least 8 different styles of kiteboarding.

As an extreme sport, kiteboarding can be dangerous to you and to others. Let Scotty's instructors teach you the safe way to launch, turn, fly, land, and more. We can also teach you how to select a kite and kite harness based on your ability level and wind conditions. When you are ready, we can teach you advanced moves and tricks such as board grabs and the heel turn jibe. And, don't worry about the "extreme" designation. According to statistics, kiteboarding is safer than riding in a motor vehicle.

Trust Scotty's to find the best locations with the best winds. Boracay, in fact, is the best kiteboarding spot in Asia. As proof, Boracay's Bulabog Beach hosts the Boracay International Funboard Cup every January. The event is part of the Asian Windsurfing Tour. Bulabog Beach is a great place for both beginners to learn and for experts to show off.

Boracay Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Rates

kiteboarding and kitesurfing We offer kiteboarding and kitesurfing courses for all ability levels. For beginners, we start with a lecture and on-land instruction. Then, the 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day courses are each more advanced than the course preceding it. You will learn kite control and launching, then safety and flying, then changing directions, and then how to do tricks. If you prefer one-on-one instruction, you can have your very own Scotty's private coach.

If you need to rent kiteboarding gear or kitesurfing gear, we offer special rates.

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Rates

kitesurfer kitesurfing

Introductory Course

  • Learn: small foil kite control and basic kite control
  • Duration: 30-minute lecture plus 90 minutes on-land instruction
  • Rate: 5,000 PHP per person

1-Day Course

  • Learn: kite control, landing and launching in water, kite rescue in water, and pack down
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Rate: 9,500 PHP per person

2-Day Course

  • Learn: kite control, body drag, and water start with board
  • Duration: 3 hours per day
  • Rate: 19,000 PHP per person

3-Day Course

  • Learn: water start, riding board, kite control
  • Duration: 3 hours per day
  • Rate: 28,000 PHP per person

Advanced Course

  • Experience required!
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Rate: 17,000 PHP per person

Private Coaching

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Rate: 5,000 PHP per person

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