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SCUBA diving with whale sharks.

Diving and swimming with whale sharks.

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Diving with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu region.

Map of Whale shark diving in Oslob Put a checkmark on your bucket list! Because diving or swimming with whale sharks is not an option at Scotty's, your dream swimming or diving alongside with the largest fish (whale sharks) in the sea can be experienced just within Cebu!

Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers you the chance of a lifetime to experience the whale shark watching and diving in Oslob, Cebu. These gentle giants come closer than ever before, and we never fail to let you experience this beautiful sightseeing tour or to dive with them if you are a licensed diver.

This is a day trip: It consists of one whale shark's dive for licensed divers or a whale shark snorkeling or whale sharks watching experience plus a dive at Sumilon Island.

Diving with whale sharks in Oslob

Meeting whale sharks in the underwater-world became an attraction for many divers in the southern province town of Oslob, Cebu, Philippines.

Diving with whale sharks from Mactan, Cebu

  • Pick up time from your hotel is 6h00 (6AM).
  • Journey time with our Rainbow Runner is approximately two hours*.
  • For pricing or other inquiries, please go ahead and contact us today!

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* : The journey from Mactan Island to Oslob to go diving with whale sharks is now via our twin-engine Rainbow Runner boat.

Road trips have become too slow (around four hours of travel) due to heavy congestion and too dangerous with deadly car accidents on an almost-weekly basis.

At our heart, the safety of our guests always comes first. Besides, not only is the boat cruise safer, more scenic, and more comfortable, but it can be less expensive if you join a group. Ask if there is a current list of divers for our 5-star whaleshark diving, or start a new list now by contacting us below.

Diving with whale sharks from Panglao, Bohol

  • Pick up time from your hotel is 5h00 (5AM).
  • Journey time by bangka boat is approximately three hours.
  • For pricing or other inquiries, please go ahead and contact us today!

Our thoughts about diving with whale sharks

Diving with whale sharks How to describe it the best?
Whale sharks are the biggest fish on earth! So how to describe this unique sensation to dive with a huge animal? There is no description; you just must feel it and see these giants with your own eyes!

Whale sharks are gentle as they are not predators and eat zooplanktons by filtering the sea water.
Their comportment towards scuba divers are docile and sometimes allow divers and swimmers to ride on them (this practice is strongly discouraged by us because of the disturbance to the sharks)

Diving with whale sharks is a unique experience that you might do once a life, so bring your underwater camera and contact us now!

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