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The Tambuli airplane wreck is a great dive sites in Mactan.

Great biodiversity can be found at the Tambuli dive site.

The Tambuli dive site is along the coast of Mactan.

Diving at the gorgeous Tambuli airplane wreck dive site.

The Tambuli airplane wreck diving site The Tambuli dive site is located at 1.6 kilometers (less than one nautical miles) heading to the 210° on the compass from our Scotty's Dive Center in Mactan (Cebu region).

Tambuli is well known for its plane lying down at around 20 meters (65 feet) which were sunk as a dive attraction, nowadays fulfilled with a great underwater biodiversity.
The airplane wreck is a little plane, to be more specific, it's a single seater with a twin engine sunken plane.

Talima, the dive site itself, is a sloped wall down to 35 meters where the top is made of a sandy sloped plateau with sea grass and seaweeds. Scattered coral's formation is making the sloped plateau a comfortable diving zone for beginner divers.

Depending on the tides, a high current can run along this dive spot where some scuba divers enjoy the drift.

Diving at the Tambuli dive site

Diving at Tambuli is not only the airplane wreck; there are many things to see in this diving spot.
You can often see frogfish hanging on the sea fans and soft coral. Many different kinds of beautiful coral's formations are a must to see and unique to Tambuli.

A huge school of sardines is always passing around in the shallows waters, as well as a school of jacks, snappers, groupers, and much more, are living in the area.

Tambuli is also a haven for photography as you will see many kinds of critters like the pipefish, feathered starfish, mantis shrimps, and porcelain crabs.

The airplane wreck is covered with hard and soft corals where the tropical coral's fishes are shoaling around, sea fans and gorgonians are surrounding the airplane wreck of Tambuli.

Our thoughts about diving at the Tambuli airplane wreck.

Tambuli airplane wreck dive spot At just a few minutes from our Scotty's Dive Center, and with our regular boat schedule (usually in the afternoon) to this dive site, Tambuli is a great diving site for all level of divers.

A haven for photographers, especially the ones interested in macro photography; Tambuli is one of the best diving spots in Mactan (Cebu).
And if you love corals, Tambuli might have the best and the most diversified coral's formations in the area.

As we recommend always, Tambuli is best to dive with a Nitrox mix, but the most important is not to forget your underwater camera as you will see a lot of biodiversities.

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