We will take you to the best scuba diving safari in Mactan and Cebu.

Explore the colorful and breathtaking scuba diving safari with us!

Dive with your dive buddy or with our dive experts in scuba diving safari.

Our diving safaris for one day or more.

Our bangka boat used for the diving safaris All Scotty's Dive Centers organize on a regular basis many diving safaris, you can schedule your dive safaris with us, though.

Depending your location in the Philippines, you will use our luxury bangka boat (Scotty's 2), the Rainbow Runner, or any of your prefered boat from our fleet.

There are many diving places around us. Some of these diving sites are farther that we usually send a boat for the all day with 2 or 3 dives on the site. These day's safaris are very popular at Scotty's because the people will dive where no other divers are. Plus the diving sites have a stunning underwater biodiversity.

Check below the destination of our diving safari, and in all cases do not hesitate to contact us.

Hilutungan marine sanctuary diving.

Hilutungan marine sanctuary diving Take on our list of marine diving sanctuaries where you could dive freely and explore deeper in this stunning underwater world.

Nalusuan marine sanctuary diving.

Nalusuan marine sanctuary diving Dive into one of the best diving spots in Mactan and Cebu, Nalusuan island, as it offers the rich and healthy marine life and wide diversity of fishes.

Hilutungan and Nalusuan.

Hilutungan and Nalusuan If you want to go both diving destinations, you could have this package and have fun under the sun for four hours and a half.

Moalboal SCUBA diving.

Moalboal diving Known for its famous sardine run and it is a scuba divers paradise as it has lots of diving spots and marine sanctuaries that stretch out within its area.

Kontiki reef.

Kontiki reef Ideal place for scuba diving and technical diving training, Kontiki house reef offers a good shallow flat area and pretty suitable for novice divers. The shallow part of the reef sets out with sea grass beds and amazing formed corals, and an artificial reef artifact which is a giant iron clam sunk down in the 90s and now filled with life of hard and soft corals. Good for underwater photography training.

Tambuli plane wreck.

Tambuli plane wreck Dive in one of the finest dive sites of Mactan and Cebu and explore an underwater plane wreck just resting on the sea bed and being homed by fishes and other marine life in Tambuli plane wreck. The Tambuli plane wreck is a small plane purposely sunk in the waters of Mactan to make it as an artifical reef. In just around 18m depth, the single seater-twin engined sunken plane rest and surrounded by fishes and other marine lifes.

Agus bay dive site.

Agus bay dive site Venture in a dive site within the waters of Mactan island and a nice, easy dive along a wall covered with vibrants of colors of soft and hard corals beaming at Agus bay dive site. This dive site is famous for incredible array of sponges, ferns, anemones and wide schools of colorful fishes.

Marigondon cave.

Marigondon cave Loved by advanced scuba divers and known for a famous dive spot in Mactan and Cebu, the Marigondon cave. Dive along in the coast of Mactan and Cebu in this breathtaking and exciting scuba diving experience that you could have just a few minutes from the resorts you are staying. Excellent for nitrox dives, highly recommended, as the cave stretches to 27 to 37m upon entry with 10m diameter and going through 40m, and a maximum depth that you can dive goes to 72m.

Talima marine sanctuary, Olango island.

Talima marine sanctuary Enjoy your scuba diving in Talima marine sanctuary and dive within its deep wall which are abundant of tropical fishes and a small shipwreck at deep of 18 meters. Take your scuba diving training here and enjoy your dive in this gorgeous preservation site of marine life in Mactan and Cebu. Situated also a 18 to 50 meters deep-dropping area which is great for those who anticipate drift diving.

Tingo point, Olango island.

Tingo point Dive deep on a sandy slope of Tingo point in Olango island, Mactan and watch out for thresher sharks and even hammerhead sharks can be spotted here with a depth of 25meters or go further to the ledge up to 40 meters. This is a thresher shark dive sightings and you might also encounter hammerhead sharks.

San Juan wreck, Liloan, Cebu.

San Juan wreck Explore the sunken MV San Juan ferry of Liloan wreck as you take wreck diving with us. This real life sunken “ro-ro” is one of the technical divers wreck but it is not fully accessable yet. The 60m long ship had sunken in the year 2000 resting down to 50m in the Liloan bay.

Malapascua island diving.

Malapascua island diving Malapascua island is best known for having great and amazing scuba diving spots with great sightings of amazing marine life residents and considered as one of the best diving sites in the whole world. Malapascua has many diving spots and you will truly be in awe as you get to experience wonderful and amazing scuba diving adventures as the marine dive sites are just a few minutes from each other.

Camotes islands.

Camotes islands Camotes island also homes an underwater paradise underneath with a beautiful wall filled with colorful corals and sponges, decorated with sea fans, crinoids and tropical marine species. Dont miss to capture the beautiful and mesmerizing colors of the ocean floors of Camotes Island and its marine life residents where lies on its long marine sanctuary stretching all over Camotes. Dont forget to bring your camera as it will surely be a memorable experience that you would like to share to your friends and family.

cuatro islas.

Moalboal diving Get into one of the most beautiful places to visit here in the Philippines and a sure not to miss dive spots in the world. Get into cuatro Islas in Leyte, as it is one of the beautiful marine sanctuaries spreading through the four islands which is a habitat of thousands of stunning marine diversities. PHP 13,600 / $272 for your whole day trip and you could enjoy upto 3 dives into this heavenly sanctuary.

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