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Malapascua Island Dive Sites

Many diving sites in Malapascua island.

Malapascua island diving Malapascua island is well known for diving with the thresher sharks. But Malapascua is also a wreck diving spot, where at least 3 wrecks have sunk around Malapascua. Plus this island, has a huge marine life biodiversity.

Malapascua is also near Gato island, a must to dive site. At the north part of the Gato island, there is a cave tunnel which cross the island from one side to the other side where you will see some reef sharks like the white-tip sharks.

Mostly known for the daily sightings of thresher sharks at the Monad Shoal diving site, Malapascua island is also surrounded by many gorgeous dive sites.
For example: The lighthouse dive site, where you will enjoy taking pictures and videos of the colorful underwater world, is also excellent for night diving or full moon diving.

Diving in Malapascua island and around.

Diving in Malapascua is a wide range of scuba diving, for all levels of scuba divers.

From wreck diving to cave and cavern diving and all in-between, Malapascua island is a haven for all scuba-divers.

The pelagic fauna are not forgotten, as the underwater biodiversity is huge.
Soft and hard colorful corals, where reef fishes are shoaling around, cover the flat sandy seabeds around the Malapascua island.

All this underwater marine life attracts the bigger fishes and you can see school of barracudeas, stingrays, blue spotted rays, snappers and groupers as well as tunas and turtles.

Our thoughts about diving in Malapascua.

If you are a technical diver and want some challenging dives, Malapascua is not for you! The average depth around Malapascua island will be rarelly below 30 meters (100 feet), and there is no real cave as they are mostly caverns.
On the other hand, if you like to discover nice caverns and "safe" wrecks (recreational wreck diving) Malapascua island has a lot to offer.

Diving every day with the Thresher sharks is a possibility in Malapascua! This island is also surrounded by huge school of fishes like the jack fish, snappers or maquerels, and all the corals and reef needed for the reef fishes and the critters.

Last but not the least: Bringing with you your underwater camera is a necessity!

Scuba Diving Malapascua Island Diving Rates

For Cebu, Mactan:

Prices include our regular scheduled diving boats.
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Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

Our yacht for rent The Rainbow Runner

  • Maximum of 8 scuba divers, persons
  • Yacht for rent, price (without the fuel): 89 600 PHP
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All our Malapascua Island Diving prices are V.A.T. inclusive

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