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Diving at Sibay Island is a day dive safari.

A dive safari to Sibay Island at Scotty's.

A dive safari to Sibay Island is unforgettable.

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Diving at Sibay Island is a full day dive safari.

Sibay Island diving map Sibay Island is 43 kilometers (23 nautical miles) heading to the 69° from our dive center in Boracay.
Due to the distance, it's an all day dive safari, with three dive on the different dive sites of Sibay.

The top of the walls are at an average of between 12 to 15 meters (40 to 50 feet) and can go down to 60 meters (200 feet).
Sibay Island has astonishing diving spots where schools of fish are very big, but the most common in the area are the stingray, blue spotted ray and overall many kinds of rays.

With a great underwater biodiversity, Sibay Island is fulfilled with colorful sponges, soft and hard corals as well as all gorgonians and sea fans.

Because there is a lot of seaweed farmers in the region, the waters are very clear, and the visibility underwater can often reach more than 30 meters (100 feet).

Diving at Sibay Island during a dive safari.

The Sibay Island's dive sites are for divers, as the shallow waters are as exciting as the different walls.
From open water divers to deep divers, diving at Sibay Island is a must to do if you are in Boracay.

The first feeling once you've jumped in the water, is "woow" as the high visibility will surprise you, then it's the stingrays on the top of the wall as you are descending.

Once you are on the plateau (on the top of the wall), the colorful corals will pop up to your eyes. Shoals of reef fishes are swimming all around these hard and soft corals. Gorgonians and sea fans are waving with the mild current showing you the drop-off.

The wall is so gorgeous with all the sea fans and gorgonians filtering the sea that you will need one or two minutes to think about your underwater camera as this underwater beauty will submerge you.

Our thoughts about the dive safari at Sibay Island.

Dive safari at Sibay Island If you are in Boracay and you do not do this dive safari, it's like going to visit a country and just stay in the hotel. On the other hand, you will never know what you have missed.

During this dive safari, you will see a lot of big fish.
For sure with this tremendous biodiversity, larger predators are at the Sibay Island too like the sharks, school of barracudas, snappers, jackfish and much more.

Overall, the conditions of the sibay Island are perfect for the big fishes: no industrial fishing, big walls, a lot of preys, a continuous current, good water quality and even whale sharks are passing between April and May.

Because it's a dive safari we recommend to dive Nitrox, but the most important is not to forget your underwater camera!

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