You can have a taste of SCUBA dive with our taste of SCUBA sessions for beginners.

The SCUBA ranger training program is a great foundation for advance SCUBA diving course.

Children from 8 years old and above can start to learn SCUBA diving.

Taste of SCUBA.

Taste of SCUBA Start young at 5 years old, they can experience their first dive at a pool. Have them a taste of SCUBA for 15 minutes or let them enjoy SCUBA diving for an hour on our bubblemaker program.

SCUBA ranger.

SCUBA ranger Get your 7 years old kids and up and be a SCUBA ranger! With our intensive training program provided by SSI.

Try SCUBA diving with SSI.

Try SCUBA diving with SSI One of the perfect ways to introduce your child to try SCUBA diving and dive in the wonders of SCUBA diving in a safe, fun and encouraging way.

Discover SCUBA diving with PADI.

Discover SCUBA diving with PADI Experience to breathe underwater as you discover SCUBA diving with our team of experts from PADI.

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