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The Camotes islands have many dive sites to explore.

Dive with the tropical marine species of the Camotes islands.

There is a beautifull wreck to explore in the Camotes islands.

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The Camotes islands and its different diving sites.

The Camotes islands dive sites The Camotes islands are a group composed of four islands (this is why Camotes islands is at the plurial form), the nearest island is at 42 kilometers (22 nautical miles) heading to the 39 from our Scotty's headquarters in Mactan, which put Camotes at less than 1 hour from our dive center.
The names of the four islands composing the Camotes islands group are: San Francisco island, Poro island, Ponson island and Talong island.
There is a local story about how was given the name of Camotes to the islands group: When the spanish discover the Camotes islands (roughtly 400 years ago), They asked to the locals what's the name of the island, the locals were eating a kind of sweet potatoe at this time, and thought that the spanish wanted to eat, so they proposed to share their potatoes to the spanish, this why it's called Camotes, because in spanish a "camote" is a kind of sweet potatoe.

The Camotes islands are the home of an underwater paradise with many beautiful walls covered with different kind of colorful corals and sponges. You will see a variety of sea fans and huge gorgonians, a lot of crinoids and numerous tropical marine species.
You should do not miss to capture, with your underwater camera, the beautiful colors of the ocean floor and its marine life at the Camotes islands.

Why do you want to dive around the Camotes islands?

The Camotes islands The Camotes islands are still "virgin" from many diver's groups, because it is not easily accessible for the usual dive centers!
At Scotty's dive center compared to the over crowded diving sites where everythings was broken by

There is many underwater diving sites to explore in the Camotes and for many type of scuba-divers, such as technical wreck diving, or technical cave diving as well as pure fun dives for the recreational and the less technical divers.

The prices and rates can be different, depending where you would like to go, what type of dive you want to do, and which island you would like to dive.
Bellow are the rates for the west part of the Camotes islands group (San Francisco island) up to the northern little island (Talong - Tulang island), not including the trimix for the 70 meters (230 feet) wreck (the Boholana Princess), if you want to dive the wreck for example.

  • 3 dives on the west part of the Camotes.
  • Duration: all the day.
  • Given the distance by boat we ask for a minimum number of persons.
  • O2 tank (oxygen cylinder)and equipments plus a first aid kit.
  • We always carry a spare dive equipment and a diving gear toolbox.
  • Communication device in case of emergency.
  • Towels and fresh drinking water are included.
  • Price: 10,750 PHP per person.*

* The SCUBA diving gear or specific rental equipments is not inclusive.

During the dives at the Camotes islands, you will see.

Different kind of walls and plateaux, some time the walls can go down to around 85 meters (280 feet) like at the wreck (the Boholana Princess). Many schools of differents species of fishes, swimming around numerous species of soft and hard corals and a very abundant population of colored sponges and gorgonians.

And for sure some sharks are hanging around this abundant marine life, and depending the season and the weather, you will see a huge family of black dolphins (there is at least 30 individuals in this group).
Macro photographers are not forgotten in this dive safari, as they will enjoy colorful nudibranch, anemona, sponges, leaf fish, gobbies, shrimps, many kind of porcelain crabs, and so many more to list...

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