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Sea snakes in Cervera shoal dive site.

Drift dive at the Cervera shoal diving site.

Cervera shoal, the snake island or the spaghetti reef.

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Cervera shoal dive site is also known as the snake island.

Cervera shoal's map known as the snake island The Cervera shoal dive site in Bohol is also known as the snake island or the Spaghetti reef due to the great amount of sea snakes that are living around.

Cervera shoal is at 11 kilometers (6 nautical miles) heading to the 128° from the BE grand resort hotel of Panglao.
The snakes island's name is because the snakes lies directly at the south on a steep slope and on a 300 meters (1000 feet) wide sandbar.

Because Cervera shaol is surrounded by strong current at the surface (getting mellow as you dive deeper), the shoal is also a good drift dive site for the certified drift divers.
This diving site used to have dynamite fishing but nowadays, due to the divers going to Cervera shaol to enjoy a drift dive or to photograph the snakes, the reef is getting better.

Diving at the Cervera shoal dive site.

Moray eel at the Cervera shoal dive site The Cervera shoal is usualy the second dive after diving at the Pamilacan island.
There is many black and white banded sea snakes, a lot of white-eyed moray eels and starry moray eels.
Macro photographers will enjoy numerous species of colorful nudibranchs and the usual tropical biodiversity of the small reef fishes shoaling around.
The sea bed and the wall are also the house of some coral species and sponges (particularly the bucket sponges).

Our thoughts about the Cervera Shoal dive site.

The Cervera Shoal dive site is a quite unusual dive site around Bohol, as it can be surprisingly great depending on the tides and the weather.

You will, for sure, spot many sea snakes, but you might also see some sharks and dolphins.

In all case, it will be a good drift dive along a beautiful slopped wall.

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