A great amount of sea snakes can be spotted in Cervera shoal.

A good drift drive can be made in Cervera shoal.

Cervera shoal is also known as the snake island or the spaghetti reef.

Cervera shoal dive site is also known as the snake island.

Cervera shoal known as the snake island The Cervera shoal dive site in Bohol is also known as the snake island or Spaghetti reef due to the great amount of sea snakes that can be spotted. The snakes island's name is because the snakes lies directly at the south of Panglao on a steep slope and a 300m wide sandbar. There is also a good drift current drive which quickly change, so you have to monitor your NDL if you want to dive further and make the safety stop in the open water. This site used to have dynamite fishing but now the reef is slowly recovering.

The Cervera shoal is the second dive in combination with Pamilacan island. There are many black and white banded sea snakes, white-eyed moray eels and starry moray eels as well as a lot of colorful nudibranchs and small reef fishes. The sea bed and the wall are also the house of many coral species and bucket sponges.

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