Your SCUBA diving destinations are almost limitless with Scotty's dive centers.

The best SCUBA diving destinations at Scotty's diving centers across the Philippines

More diving destinations and diving spots? Ask us, we got the best SCUBA diving spots.

Diving destination: Boracay island.

SCUBA diving sites Get into the groove as Scotty’s Actions Sports Network takes you to a magical journey of underwater ocean park here in Boracay as it offers more than just white sand beaches and glossy turquoise waters. Bring over your wetsuit as Boracay could take your scuba diving experience to greater lengths as it offers good variety of dive sites just a few minutes boat ride away from each other. Expect a 5-star service that you deserve and ten times the fun as you will be diving in to the deeps within just half a day.

Diving destination: Bohol and Panglao islands.

SCUBA diving vacation Enjoy Scuba Diving and experience the magical world underwater within the islands of Bohol. Dive in the fun as we have special offers for your wonderful scuba diving experience with Scotty’s Action Sports Network. Bring over your family and friends, even your young ones, can enjoy this magical experience in scuba diving as we will cater your diving training with our most trusted and experts in the underwater field.

Diving destination: Cebu and Mactan islands.

SCUBA diving safaris Suit up for this adventure of a lifetime where Scotty’s Action Sports Network Inc will not fail you for your scuba diving dream here in Mactan and Cebu. Hold your breath as we have everything you wanted to fulfill your scuba diving desires and we will take you to great depths with our variety of selections and locations all over the Philippines to choose from to suit up your scuba diving experience.

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