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Maniguin island, near Boracay, is an exceptional diving place.

Maniguin island is the best diving site all around Boracay.

Maniguin island is a full day diving safari with Scotty's dive center.

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Maniguin island, aka Maningning Island, is the best dive safari around Boracay

The Maniguin island diving sites Maniguin island, which is also known locally as the "Maniquin island" or "Maningning island" and even as the "Hammerhead island", is a full day diving trip (dive safari).
Maniguin island is at 47 kilometers (25 nautical miles) heading to the 209 on the compass from the Shangri-la Boracay, and at only one hour with our speed boat at an average of 25 knots (47-48 kph).

Maniguin island is for sure the best diving place all around Boracay, and because it's not easily accessible for numerous dive centers, if not all the Boracay's dive centers (which depend only on the local bangka boat to bring their guests on the different diving sites around Boracay), nothing is broken underwater and diving in Maniguin island is like diving in a virgin territories.
For these dive centers it takes around 4 hours to go there (so, add 4 hours to go back), and if you want to sleep at night on Maniguin island, there is few things you should know about:

  • There is no potable water.
  • The only well contain only brackish water.
  • There is no hotel nor any kind of shelter (if it's rainning, you will not sleep).
  • At night the crabs invade all the beach.
    The beach is the only place where you can setup the camp.

But with Scotty's dive center, it is possible to do it as a day dive safari, with three dives on the site and be back to your hotel by 18h00 (6PM) the same day. Why? Because our boats can go to Maniguin in just one hour!

Why do you need to dive around Maniguin island?

First at all, it will be an unforgettable dive safari.
Secondly the underwater visibility is unique to this area, there is no comparison with Boracay, no pullution at all, as well as the beautiful local underwater biodiversity.
You will encounter the few locals (they are seaweeds farmers) who are extremely kinds and helpful by showing you the best diving spots which can be different depending the season.

In Maniguin island there is a lot of unique marine life that cannot be seen around Boracay itself.
The underwater visibility is absolutely fabulous, at least 30 meters (100 feet). For example, you will start your first dive at the lighthouse with a stunning reef before arriving to the wall heading to the 180° on the compass.

What will you see during the dives at Maniguin?

The marine life at Maniguin islandYou will encounter the big napoleon fish (known as the Humphead wrasse), some manta rays and many other kinds of rays like the blue spotted ray and the famous stingray. There is a lot of fishes shoaling around like the blue surgeon fish or bluestrap snapper.
You will also encounter some school of barracudas, school of trevally fish, school of jacks, sweetlips and so on.
A very wide variety of soft and hard corals, like the wall in front of the seaweeds farm is absolutely fabulous and made with endless "coral plates", where a huge shoal of blue trigger fish (red toothed triggerfish) are hanging around.

Having all this fishes, corals, reefs, nudibranch, gorgonians around Maniguin island, for sure it brings also predators, you will be able to see differents kind of sharks like the hammerhead shark, and depending the seasons some dolphins and other cetacea too.

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