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The lighthouse are known to be a good dive.

Bring your underwater camera at the lighthouse!

Check out our lighthouse diving spots wherever you are.

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The best dive sites in the Philippines are usually at the Lighthouse.

The lighthouse diving site map Who never dove at a diving site called the Lighthouse?
You know the meaning of this question, because wherever you are, you will always find a dive site called the Lighthouse.
If there is a specific common name all around the world for a dive site, the first who come in mind, it's the Lighthouse, the house reef is also a well known used name for a diving site, though.

Because the different dive centers of Scotty's Action Sports Network are spread around the Philippines, we do have many lighthouse diving sites. Wherever in Boracay (the Maniguin island's Lighthouse dive site) or between Bohol and Mactan (Cabilao island), the Lighthouse's name for a diving site come very often.

For example in Mactan (Cebu region) we have at least 2 "lighthouses" dive sites, one is located at Capitancillo, which is called the "Capitancillo lighthouse", and one at Cabilao which is the most beautiful dive site all between Panglao and Mactan.

Diving at the Capitancillo Lighthouse dive site.

Diving at the Lighthouse At 30 minutes from the Scotty's Dive Center headquarters in Mactan there is a diving site called the Liloan Lighthouse, known for its biodiversity on the shallow waters.
But the most reputable and well known dive site called Lighthouse, is in Capitancillo!

Capitancillo island is located at 76 kilometers (41 nautical miles) from our Scotty's Dive Center and it can take around 3 hours to dive there, it's a diving day safari with 3 dives at Capitancillo island, leaving at 06h00 (6AM) and be back to the hotel at 18h00 (6PM)

The uniqueness of Capitancillo islet location, make the biodiversity around the islet, absolutely unique.
Big yellow fin tuna can be seen off the wall, as well as different species of sharks and even dolphins.

The Cabilao island's Lighthouse diving site.

Situated between Panglao (Bohol) and Mactan (Cebu), Cabilao island is a day safari and a must to dive during your vacations.
The Lighthouse of Cabilao island is situated on the north-west part of the island, making the diving spot very accessible from the beach.

More about diving at Cabilao

Our thoughts about diving on a dive site called Lighthouse.

The best recommendation we can give you, when you dive a Lighthouse diving site, is to bring an underwater camera!
Do not miss the big schools of fishes like the barracudas, snappers, jacks, sweetlips, and many more than we can almost always find at the different Lighthouse diving sites.

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