Cabilao island diving marine sanctuary: World class and a must-see for scuba divers.

Cabilao island diving vacation offers great dive sites with a rich tropical marine life and good visibility.

Cabilao island is certainly the best diving places and spots all around.

Diving in Cabilao island.

Cabilao diving Chilling in one of the typical tourist spots in the Philippines, Cabilao island offers you great and world class diving sites. Cabilao island diving is a must-see for scuba divers and you will surely takes your breath away. You will encounter a beautiful marine sanctuary and its aquatic animals like seahorses, stargazers, stone and devil fishes, interesting crabs, pipefishes and many more.

    Cabilao island diving.

  • 3 dives.
  • Duration: all day.
  • Price: 8,600 PHP / $173 per person.
  • Minimum of 4 people required.
  • (not inclusive of SCUBA diving rentals).

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