Take your wreck diving course in Liloan San Juan wreck dive site.

Wreck diving in Liloan San Juan wreck dive site.

San Juan wreck in Liloan is ideal for wreck divers and advanced wreck diving.

The San Juan wreck in Liloan, Cebu province.

San Juan wreck a dive site in Liloan The San juan wreck is located in the Liloan bay at 30 minutes by boat from the Scotty's Action Sports Network headquarters.
For the history (and the story), the San Juan wreck have sunked in years 2000 due to an explosion in the engine's room, all the crew have safely swimmed to the shore, when the ship went on fire (traces of fire are still clearly seen in the engine room).

The wreck is laying down on the sand at 50 meters (165 feet) of depth on its starboard side in the Liloan bay.
the top of the wreck is at around 32 to 34 meters (105 to 110 feet) depending the tides. Due to the depth, this wreck can be visited by PADI or SSI deep divers, but in all cases, recreational divers will be limited with the obligation of no decompression time, giving them around 10 to 15 minutes bottom time maximum if they stay on top of the wreck.

The best way to dive on the Liloan San Juan wreck.

The best way to explore this wreck is to be certified at least as a SSI Extended range diver or a PADI tec 50 diver to pass at least around 20 minutes at the bottom, to truly enjoy diving this wreck, and having time to get inside the engine's room or lurking all around and take pictures.
2 deco gas are recommended, a 50% nitrox is often largely enough, though.

Overall, the exploration of the san juan wreck is noted as safe (until new update) to very safe for the certified wreck divers (as a wreck diver, you should be aware of the potential inherent danger of exploring a wreck, though).
Short bottom time for recreational divers, and extended bottom time can be done by technical divers.
The MV San Juan is a good "school" for the future wreck divers, and a lot of courses have been done on the diving site.

The marine life around the San Juan wreck in Liloan.

Diving the Liloan wreck called the MV San Juan We descend to the wreck along a rope, when we arrive at the bottom a big shoal of batfish are always here to welcome us with a lot of reef fishes.
The wreck is covered by corals on the sides and also on the huge propeller, some part of the wreck are covered with entangled nets from the local fishermen which give a nice "gost effect" when we swim arround.

A lot of marine life and biodiversity have developped during the last 15 years, so the wreck is all surrounded by school of fishes like butterfly fish, angel fish, anemofish (known as clown fish), giant trevally, as weel as all the little fishes living in and arround different kind of corals.

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