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Angol point is an excellent dive site for open water divers.

Angol point: Highly recommended for night dives.

Shallow diving site with a coral's reef at Angol Point.

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The Angol point diving site is in Boracay.

The Angol point diving site in Boracay One of the excellent diving site in Boracay, and mainly suggested for beginners and training in scuba diving is the Angol point dive site. Angol point is a shallow, easy dive on a reef from 10 meters (30 feet) to 16 meters (50 feet) of depth.
Angol point is also a good diving place for underwater photography, specially macro photography.
The visibility is usually very good, around 20 metres (65 feet) and the underwater sanctuary is full of flourishing and colored life.

Angol point is also highly recommended for night diving, for its quiet and peaceful place with a high nocturnal living life.
Scuba diving in Angol point is good all the year-round with good visibility.
The reef is housing a lot of different shoal of fishes such as groupers and snappers.

Diving at the Angol point dive site.

It is a sanctuary for underwater photographer, so no need to say that there is a lot of marine life to see at Angol point.
Angol point is also a shallow dive site, which also means that you can stay underwater quite long with an average of one hour on a single tank (S80 type known as 11 liters cylinder).

There is almost no current at Angol point, all beginner divers can enjoy an easy dive without worrying about a strong current or getting short breath and being tired.
The reef is covered with stony corals, leather corals, roaming with nudibranchs, anemones, starfish, and sea cucumbers.
Shoal of different kind of fishes are everywhere.
Angol point is even more beautiful during the night, it's an excellent place to start your night diving course.

What can you see in the Angol point diving site.

The diversity of the marine life is exceptional at Angol point; you will see at least the following 5:

  1. Groupers, snappers and eels.
  2. Many kinds of nudibranch.
  3. Differents kind of colorful sponges.
  4. Many species of hard and soft corals.
  5. Sea snakes, eels, lionfishes, sweetlips.

The underwater camera is highly advised!

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