One of famous dive sites in Boracay, Hinugtan diving safari.

Hinugtan dive site has amazing wall of amazing forest of corals.

Take our Hinugtan diving safari package.

Hinugtan safari diving.

Hinugtan safari diving Dive in to a wonderful aquatic adventure as you dive deep into the Hinugtan’s marine safari get to meet and greet their underwater masterpiece. Dive into the vivacious underwater scenery in a wall of forest of corals and beautiful marine life and enjoy 2 dives for just PHP 8,000 / $160. If you want to go for more dives, just for PHP 2,000 / $40 you can get 1 additional dive. You must be atleast an open water diver. Minimum of 3 persons are required for this package and you can do 2 dives for 1 day or 1 dive for half a day tour.

  • Hinugtan safari diving.
  • 2 dives.
  • duration: all day.
  • price: 8,000 PHP / $160 per person.
  • minimum of 5 people required.
  • (not inclusive of scuba gear).
  • additional dive.
  • 1 dive.
  • price: 2,000 PHP / $40 per person.

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