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Caubian Cave Diving Site

Diving to the Caubian cave is usually for tec divers.

Diving inside the Caubian cave These saltwater limestone caves are accessible at 40 meters (130 feet) of depth and are at only 16 kilometers (9 nautical miles) heading to the 93 from our Scotty's main dive center in Mactan.
The room at the entrance of the cave splits into smaller passages and ways where the tec diver can access the large cavern, as well as the various littles caves.
During the dive and upon entering the large cavern area, it's best to stick to one side of the Caubian Cave because even the strongest lights may not illuminate both walls.
For this reason, we start to dive on the left side of Caubian cave and swim on our way back along that wall. As we press on, there is a short dark-zone swim above us at about 25 meters (80 feet).
The exit of this swim-through requires a small "helicopter turn" while in trim, which is a good practice for aspiring cave divers.

After descending out of the dark zone swim-through, we will double back and have a look along the tiny caves on the back wall. It is common to see sweetlips or white-tip reef sharks lazing in the shadows.
We dive along the wall, keeping to our left until exiting Caubian cave at the opposite side of where we started. After exiting the cavern, we pick up our staged deco tanks (cylinders) and typically decompress for the next 45 to 60 minutes.

The Caubian cave is a nice diving site.

When diving at the Caubian cave, the first thing that will welcome you is the beautiful wall you will be gliding down.
But do not stop while you are going down! Your gas counts and you will spend a lot of time at more than 40 meters (130 feet).
Anyway, you will have all the time on the way back to observe and enjoy the tropical marine life and the shoal of fishes.

We will not describe again how the Caubian cave is like (read the first paragraph above), but on the way back along the fantastic wall in the open water, you will enjoy the various species of colorful hard and soft corals. A lot of gorgonians and sea fans are also living there with a numerous variety of fishes shoaling around this wall.
This is place, while doing a decompression, is a must-stop, because there are so many things to see and to photograph.

Our thoughts about diving at the Caubian cave.

Diving inside the Caubian cave This dive is for experienced scuba divers as the entrance of the cave is at 40 meters (135 feet), which is the limit of the recreational diving with a deep diver certification.

On the other hand, technical divers will plainly enjoy the dive as they can do a decompression dive.
Because tec-divers can stay longer underwater, they will be able to penetrate and explore the cave according to their plans.

In all cases, the wall is gorgeous for all divers with its enormous gorgonians and sea fans, where the tropical reef fishes are shoaling up and down along with it.

Overall, if the cave might not be for every scuba diver, the wall, on the other hand, is!

Scuba Diving Caubian Cave Rates

For Cebu, Mactan:

Prices include our regular scheduled diving boats.
On our scuba-diving boats, you should always find:

  • O2 tank (oxygen cylinder) and its kit plus a first aid kit
  • We always carry a spare dive equipment and a diving gear toolbox
  • We do have a communication device in case of emergency
  • Towels and dinking water are included

Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

  • Exclusive Boat: 5040 PHP
  • Convert the price to your currency

Our yacht for rent The Rainbow Runner

All our Caubian Cave prices are V.A.T. inclusive

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